Who is current Attorney General of India?

Senior advocate K K Venugopal has agreed to continue as the Attorney General for India for three more months following a request by the central government, government sources said on Wednesday.

Is Prashant Bhushan married?

Deepa BhushanPrashant Bhushan / Spouse

Who is the present Solicitor General of India 2022?

Currently, the Solicitor General of India is Tushar Mehta….Current Solicitor General and Additional Solicitors General.

Solicitor General Term
Tushar Mehta 11 October 2018 – Incumbent

Is Harish Salve a CA?

Born into a Marathi family, Salve has law in his genes. Although his father NKP Salve was a chartered account and his mother, Ambriti Salve, a doctor, his grandfather PK Salve was a prominent criminal lawyer and his great-grandfather was a munsif (subordinate judge).

Who is the 1st Attorney General of India?

General M.C. Setalvad
Attorney General of India (Article 76) – UPSC Indian Polity Notes

Attorney General of India Name of the Attorney General
1st Attorney General M.C. Setalvad
2nd Attorney General C.K. Daftari
3rd Attorney General Niren de
4th Attorney General S.V. Gupte

Who is known as the first law officer of India?

Attorney General of India
The correct answer is Attorney General of India. The first law officer of the Government of India is the Attorney General of India. The Attorney General for India is the Indian government’s chief legal advisor and is the primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India.

Who is Mr Bhushan?

Prashant Bhushan (born 15 October 1956) is an Indian public interest lawyer in the Supreme Court of India. He was a member of the faction of the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement known as Team Anna which supported Anna Hazare’s campaign for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Who is Bhushan Kumar wife?

Divya Khosla KumarBhushan Kumar / Wife (m. 2005)

Who is India’s first Attorney General?

M. C. Setalvad
The first Attorney General of India was M. C. Setalvad and the present Attorney General of India is K. K. Venugopal.

Who is lawyer Satish Maneshinde?

Satish Maneshinde, who now represents actress Rhea Chakraborty in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, is Bollywood’s go-to lawyer, having successfully defended Salman Khan after his SUV car ran over sleeping pavement dwellers in September 2002, killing one and injuring four others.

Who is known as second law officer of India?

The Solicitor General of India is subordinate to the Attorney General for India. They are the second law officer of the country, assists the Attorney General, and is assisted by Additional Solicitors General for India. Currently, the Solicitor General of India is Tushar Mehta.

Who is the famous advocate in India?

A: While it is difficult to pick the one best lawyer, given below are some of the most famous lawyers in India: Ram Jethmalani. Soli Sorabjee. Fali S Nariman.

Who is dushyant Dave?

Dushyant Dave is a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. Dushyant Dave is a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India and commands practice across India. He has been at the Bar for just over 30 years.

Who is the owner of T-Series channel?

Bhushan Kumar
T-Series (company)

Trade name T-Series
Services Music record label Film production
Owner Gulshan Kumar (1983–1997) Bhushan Kumar (1997–present)
YouTube information
Channel T-Series

Who is the head of T-Series?

Bhushan Kumar Dua (born 27 November 1977) is an Indian film producer and music producer….

Bhushan Kumar
Occupation Film producer music producer
Years active 1998–present
Title Chairman and managing director of T-Series
Spouse(s) Divya Khosla Kumar

Who appoints the Advocate General of India?

The post is created by the Constitution of India and corresponds to that of Attorney General of India at the central-level. The Governor of each state shall appoint a person who is qualified to be appointed judges in high court. There is no fixed term of office and no upper-age-limit mentioned for the Advocate general.

What is the salary of Advocate General of India?

• Salary of Advocate General of India: 90,000 per month. • The First Solicitor General of India was C.K Daphtary. • Article 76 – Attorney General of India is the Indian government’s chief legal advisor, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India.

Who is the new Advocate General of Punjab?

^ “DS Patwalia appointed new advocate general of Punjab”. hindustan times. 23 September 2021. Retrieved 16 October 2021. ^ “Rajasthan high court quashes single bench order on cop recrut”.

What are the names of all Attorney General of India?

In this article, the names of all Attorney General of India are given below: Attorney General of India (Name) Tenure 12. Milon K. Banerjee 5 June 2004 – 7 June 2009 13. Goolam Essaji Vahanvati 8 June 2009 – 11 June 2014 14. Mukul Rohatgi 12 June, 2014 – 30 June 2017 15. K.K. Venugopal 30 June 2017 till date