Where is Wilcox lake Ontario?

Richmond Hill
Located in the northerly neighbourhood of Richmond Hill in the Greater Toronto Area, Lake Wilcox Park is about 40 km from Toronto via Don Valley Parkway and Highway 404.

Can we fish in Lake Wilcox?

Lake Wilcox (please note fishing at Lake Wilcox is permitted from boats, privately-owned shoreline areas, and from the fishing platform in Lake Wilcox Park, across from Jessie Vanek Park) Humber River. Rouge River.

Can you swim in Wilcox lake?

Swimming is not allowed at Lake Wilcox because the water may be unsafe and is not tested or supervised. Safety issues may include: High levels of bacteria. Sink holes.

Can you walk around Lake Wilcox?

The loop is well paved and easy to walk for all ages, and this is a favourite location for many people to picnic on a nice day. There are a few paid parking lots around the area. They also have a children’s park with nice facilities, including basketball, volleyball, biking paths, and skateboarding.

What kind of fish are in Lake Wilcox?

Northern pikeBrown troutLargemouth bassBrook troutYellow perch
Lake Wilcox/Fish

Is Wilcox lake man made?

Human usage The Lake Wilcox Fish and Wildlife Refuge is left in a natural state. The lake itself is used for fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, and boating.

How deep is Lake Wilcox in Richmond Hill?

57′Lake Wilcox / Max depth

Can you picnic at Lake Wilcox?

Visit our Splash Pads webpage for details on times and seasonal openings. Playground, washrooms, parking lot, seating and picnic area* A youth area with a skate park, beach volleyball courts and a multi-sports court. A boardwalk over the lake.

Is Lake Wilcox free parking?

Pay parking at Lake Wilcox Park is in effect from April 1 to September 30 each year. Free parking permits for Richmond Hill residents are currently available through the Parking and By-law Portal.

Is there free parking at Lake Wilcox?

Directions to Lake Wilcox Park All non-residents of the City of Richmond Hill are required to pay for parking at Lake Wilcox. Richmond Hill residents can park for free at Lake Wilcox with a resident permit.

Is Lake Wilcox man made?

How deep is Lake Wilcox in Oak Ridges?

17.4 metres
Lake Wilcox is a kettle lake in the Oak Ridges neighbourhood of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The lake measures 1.5 kilometers across and covers 55.6 hectares or 0.55 square kilometres, making it the largest kettle lake on the Oak Ridges Moraine….

Lake Wilcox
Max. depth 17.4 metres (57 ft)

Where do I get a free parking permit at Lake Wilcox?

Street Parking Permits were mailed to residents who live in the area in early 2020. If you have lost your permit or are new to the neighbourhood, you can call the city’s parking team at 905-771-8860 or email [email protected] to receive a permit.

How do you get a free parking permit at Lake Wilcox?

How much is parking at Lake Wilcox?

The 2020 Tariff of Fees By-law No. 108-19 must be amended to include the desired parking fees of $5 per hour for the main/splash pad parking lot and $4 per hour for the other three parking lots at Lake Wilcox Park. The recommended amendment is attached as By-law No.

Do you have to pay to park at Lake Wilcox?

All non-residents of the City of Richmond Hill are required to pay for parking at Lake Wilcox. Richmond Hill residents can park for free at Lake Wilcox with a resident permit.

How do you get free parking at Lake Wilcox?

Free Lake Wilcox parking permits now available for residents

  1. Weekend parking on the streets neighbouring Lake Wilcox Park is restricted to residents and their guests with a permit.
  2. Permit parking is in effect seven days a week on Bayview Park Lane, the west end of Dariole Drive and Sandbanks Drive.

Where is Wilcox Lake?

Wilcox Lake is a local community located within Oak Ridges. The local community has an elementary school; Lake Wilcox elementary school, the Lake Wilcox Community Centre, as well as a number of local parks; Sunset Beach Park and Brickworks Parks being most popular.

What is the water quality at Lake Wilcox like?

The water quality is questionable due to the duck and geese population at Lake Wilcox and people consistently feeding them bread despite the signage that states not to. Water quality is not monitored by the Town of Richmond Hill unlike other public access lakes. People still swim in it though.

Is Lake Wilcox Park worth a visit?

Lake Wilcox used to be more bland and boring, but the new Lake Wilcox Park is amazing! So many opportunities for kids and families to enjoy a beautiful day by the lake. Highly recommend you take some time to visit, but try to walk as there is never a lot of parking.

Is there a craft brewery named after Wilcox Lake?

There is a craft brewery named after Wilcox Lake called Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. located in Vaughan. It was established on March 17, 2015. The lake was recorded as “Lake Wilcocks” on an 1878 map in the Illustrated historical atlas of the county of York and the township of West Gwillimbury & town of Bradford in the county of Simcoe, Ont.