What is VoiceXML used for?

VoiceXML is an application of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) which, when combined with voice recognition technology, enables interactive access to the Web through the telephone or a voice-driven browser. An individual session works through a combination of voice recognition and keypad entry.

How do you create a VXML file?

vxml . Select the parent folder where you want the new file placed. Optional: Click Advanced to reveal or hide a section of the wizard used to create a linked file. Check the Link to file in the file system check box if you want the new file to reference a file in the file system.

What is the first element in VoiceXML document?

The top-level element is , which is mainly a container for dialogs. There are two types of dialogs: forms and menus. Forms present information and gather input; menus offer choices of what to do next. This example has a single form, which contains a block that synthesizes and presents “Hello World!” to the user.

What is Subdialog in Vxml?

The Subdialog Invoke element initiates a subdialog invocation to another VoiceXML application, and handles passing data to and from the application. For the entire duration while a subdialog application is handling a call, the calling application waits in a dormant state for the subdialog to return.

How does VoiceXML fit into the web environment?

VoiceXML is the HTML of the voice web, the open standard markup language for voice applications. Where HTML assumes a graphical web browser with display, keyboard, and mouse, VoiceXML assumes a voice browser with audio output (recorded messages and TTS synthesis), audio input (ASR), and keypad input (DTMF).

What is VXML Gateway?

The VoiceXML gateway, or voice portal, serves as the heart of any VoiceXML-enabling network. Rick Beasley describes the VoiceXML gateway.

Is HTML just XML?

HTML’s full form is Hypertext Markup Language, while XML is an Extensible Markup Language….HTML vs XML: Key Differences.

Is a markup language. Is a standard markup language that defines other markup languages.

Is XML an API?

The Cloud Storage XML API provides a web interface for making HTTP requests and handling HTTP responses. The API is compatible with HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3 protocols. Each request implements a standard HTTP method. Along with these methods, you can use various HTTP request headers.

Which is faster XML or JSON?

No doubt that JSON is much much faster then XML.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) API is an application programming interface designed for lightweight data interchange (text-based data exchange format) between two computer applications operating on the same hardware device or between different computers in different geographical areas.