What is Microsoft Project PWA?

Project Web App, which is part of Microsoft Project Server 2013, is a robust Web application that you can use to do everything from analyzing portfolios and managing proposals, to entering time in a timesheet and updating task status.

What is Project Server in SharePoint?

Microsoft Office Project Server is a project management server solution made by Microsoft since 2000. It uses Microsoft SharePoint as its foundation, and supports interface from either Microsoft Project (Professional edition) as a client application or by web browser connecting to its Project Web App (PWA) component.

How do I access a Project on the internet?

If your organization has already purchased Project for the web, you can access it at project.microsoft.com.

Is Microsoft Project still relevant?

Microsoft built and introduced its Project Management software over 30 years ago. Yet Microsoft Project is still the world’s most popular Project Management software. During the intervening years, many Project Management solutions have appeared on the market.

How do I connect to a project server?

Click Info, and then click Manage Accounts. In the Project Server Accounts dialog box, click Add. In the Account Properties dialog box, type a name for this account in the Account Name box. In the Project Server URL box, type the complete server name (for example, http://yourserver/servername).

What is the difference between Project Online and project web?

Microsoft Project for Web is a lightweight program to address project task management and teamwork. Microsoft also offers another, more complex project management solution, Microsoft Project Online, which is more suitable for Enterprise project management users.

Is Project Online and project for the web the same?

While MS Project Online is the more heavyweight tool, it can be too complex for some organizations and team members. Microsoft Project for the Web is easier to manage but still includes a wide range of features.

Is project Web App the same as Project Online?

If you are using Project Online, sometimes referred to as Project Web App (PWA) in the product, we understand the important business value it provides you. You can continue to use your existing Project Online environment confidently while you plan a transition to Project for the web.

What is the difference between MS project and MS Project Online?

Project for the web is built on the Microsoft Power Platform while Project Online is built on Microsoft SharePoint.

What is project 2013 Server 2013?

Project Server 2013 is built on the SharePoint Server 2013 platform, and Project 2013 includes much of the same infrastructure as the other Office 2013 applications.

What can I do with the APIs in Project 2013?

You can use these APIs to develop cross-browser web apps, Project Professional 2013 add-ins, and apps for non-Windows devices that access Project Server 2013 and Project Online. Note The JavaScript object model and REST interface align with the Project Server client-side object model (CSOM).

What is Project Server 2013 rest reference?

JavaScript library and REST reference for Project Server 2013 Article 09/08/2016 2 minutes to read In this article The JavaScript library and REST reference for Project Server 2013 contains information about the JavaScript object model and the REST interface that you use to access Project Server functionality.

How are errors handled in project Project Server 2013?

Project Server 2013 uses the exception handling of the .NET Framework. All errors are logged in the server, at the top of the PSI stack. Some errors send a simple report to the client, such as a SoapException object for the ASMX interface or a FaultException object for the WCF interface.