What do Flesch-Kincaid scores mean?

The Flesch Kincaid Grade Level measures how tough to read is a copy from the perspective of a US reader. In short, it tells how many years of schooling is required to understand a certain text copy. The scores range from zero to 12, 12 being the toughest.

How do I increase my Flesch-Kincaid score?

How to Increase Readability Score

  1. Keep Your Paragraphs Short. The average paragraph should contain around five sentences, but there are exceptions to that rule.
  2. Choose Your Words Carefully. Action words are critical.
  3. Shorten Your Sentences.
  4. Keep it Simple.
  5. Break it Up.
  6. Write for Your Audience, Not for Your Score.

Is Flesch Kincaid accurate?

It’s also one of the few accurate measures around that we can rely on without too much scrutiny. This formula is best used on school text. It has since become a standard readability formula used by many US Government Agencies, including the US Department of Defense.

How do I raise my Flesch-Kincaid score?

What is a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 14?


Flesch-Kinkaid Reading Grade Level
Estimated school grade completed Level Words/ sentence
5th Easy 11
6th Fairly easy 14
7th or 8th Standard 17

What is a good Flesch score?

What is the Flesch reading ease score?

Score Notes
90-100 very easy to read, easily understood by an average 11-year-old student
80-90 easy to read
70-80 fairly easy to read
60-70 easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students

How do I raise my Flesch Kincaid score?

How do I increase my Flesch Kincaid grade level?

What is a Flesch Kincaid grade level of 14?

What is a good Lexile score?

– The Life And Times Of The Apple (Unknown Binding) – Tutte le tragedie: I Persiani, I sette a Tebe, Le supplici, Prometeo incatenato, Agamennone, Le Coefore, Le Eumenidi (Paperback) – Politics (Paperback) – Organon (Paperback) – The Odyssey (Paperback) – The Iliad (Paperback) – Physics (Paperback) – The Nicomachean Ethics (Paperback)

How to improve Flesch score?

Ditching the overly complex jargon and phrases that aren’t accessible to beginners in your industry.

  • Avoiding flowery and over-the-top adjectives that don’t add much value to your sentences.
  • Choosing an active voice over a passive one every time you write.
  • How to increase Flesch Kincaid grade level?

    – Move the left slider to the minimum length word you want to find. – Click on Start. – When long words are found, the long word will be highlighted in the document. – Click Next to go to the next word.

    How to improve Flesch reading ease score?

    What is the education level of my target audiences? Are they just graduating high school or Ph.D. candidates?

  • Does my audience understand industry jargon and slang?
  • Does my reader speak and articulate their thoughts in a formal or informal way?