How much did Folau settle?

The two parties agreed to an out-of-court settlement in December after Folau sued RA for religious discrimination. While the terms were not made public, it is understood to be around $3m, which is the remainder of his four-year contract.

Why was Folau Cancelled?

Folau had his contract terminated by Rugby Australia in May over an Instagram post in which he said gay people, among others, were destined for hell. Rugby Australia deemed the post constituted a high-level breach of his contract and Folau lost his $4m, four-year contract and several sponsorship deals.

Where is Folau now?

Israel Folau (Tongan: Isileli Folau; born 3 April 1989) is a Tongan Australian professional rugby union footballer who currently plays for the Shining Arcs in the Japan Rugby League One and the Tonga national rugby union team.

Why did Australia sack Israel Folau?

Folau was sacked for saying “hell awaits” gay people, after previously being warned over his social media posts.

Did Maria Folau have a baby?

Super League 2020: Israel Folau, first child, baby, Maria Folau.

Where does Maria Folau live?

Now living in Australia, Folau played for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in 2019, going on to attend her fourth Netball World Cup for the Silver Ferns in Liverpool 2019. She has also played in four Commonwealth Games (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018).

What nationality is Maria Folau?

New ZealandMaria Folau / Nationality

When was Folau sacked?

He was sacked by Rugby Australia in 2019 over homophobic comments he posted on social media but was thrown a lifeline by Catalans Dragons ahead of the 2020 season, despite opposition from their rival Super League clubs and the governing body.

Who is Maria Folau husband?

Israel FolauMaria Folau / Husband (m. 2017)
Folau is married to the Tongan Australian rugby player Israel Folau. The two married in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales on 15 November 2017, in a private outdoor ceremony. She subsequently changed her last name from Tuta’ia to Folau.

What is Israel Folau famous for?

Israel Folau is one of the world’s best known rugby players and is one of only a handful of others to have played across the codes of rugby league, rugby union and Australian rules football. Israel Folau was inducted into the RugbyPass Hall of Fame in 2021.