What is Richard Hotline Miami?

In the game, Richard is a fatalistic nihilist who appears to violent individuals and tries to deter them from their path of violence. Richard also appears for one final time before Florida and Hawaii are nuked.

Whats the story behind Hotline Miami?

Plot. The game is set in an alternate Miami, 1989, and revolves around the story of a varsity jacketed man, as he follows mysterious instructions on his answering machine to kill everyone inside targeted and tagged locations.

How to find the basement in Hotline Miami payday 2?

Once you’re done with burning the cars you will have to find the Hatch that leads to the secret basement. It is barely hidden under a rug and chances are you will have found it already by chasing the thugs around. To open it Bain will have a bag dropped outside. Grab it and drop it in front of the truck.

Can biker pick up weapons?

The biker comes pre-armed with a meat cleaver and three throwing knives. You can’t pick up any enemy weapons so you’ll need to ration your throwing knives. When the level starts you’ll be having a conversation with a store clerk.

Is Jacket’s name Richard?

Trivia. It is possible that Jacket’s real first name is “Richard”, since it is the name of the first mask received in the game (mailed to him personally by 50 Blessings), and it grants no special abilities. It is worth noting that most masks, such as Jake and Richter, are shown to be named after their original owners.

How old is Jacket in payday?

46 to 67 years of age
Jacket is a violent criminal originating from Miami. This is the ninth character made available to the community in PAYDAY 2….The Quarry – The Loop.

Age from 46 to 67 years of age
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel

How do you get the secret ending in Hotline Miami?

In Chapter 19 you will come across a computer that requires a password. Finding this password entails tracking down a series of letters hidden across the various chapters of the game. Finding these letters and accessing the computer will unlock a secret ending that reveals hidden story details.

Do you play as Jacket in Hotline Miami 2?

As of the Hotline Miami 2 Update, Jacket is now a playable character and is unlocked by purchasing the Digital Special Edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Can biker use guns Hotline Miami?

At this point I’ve turned off my game read a little bit on the Hotline Miami on IGN on why this new found character Biker refuses to use enemy weapons. Come to find out after reading said page; you are not ‘allowed’ to pick up weapons as this character.

What does the B stand for on jackets Jacket?

The “B” on his jacket most likely represents the name of his hometown or school, or the school sports team, as it is common for the letter on letterman jackets to be the first letter of the name of the school.

Why does Jacket use a tape recorder?

For unknown reasons he remains completely mute and chooses to communicate only with the help of a tape recorder – playing back bits and pieces of language learning tapes, PAs and documentary narrations instead of speaking.

Is Jacket a sociopath or a psychopath?

All we really know is that he is dangerously psychotic – a sociopath.

Why is Hotline Miami Popular?

It’s a cult hit because it’s indie and violent and has music, and the cult following has nicknamed your character “Jacket”, because he has a cool jacket.