What can you eat with coconut chutney?

Coconut chutney is served with most Southern Indian breakfast items like dosas, idlis, venn pongal and upma. Coconut chutney is also delicious with tea time snacks like vadas and bajjis (South Indian Pakoras).

What are the benefits of coconut chutney?

Coconut chutney Though coconuts enjoy a reputation for being fatty, the fact is that they contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are much healthier than the saturated fats derived from animal foods. This apart, coconuts also contain high amounts of fiber, copper, manganese, iron, selenium and phosphorus.

How do you store coconut chutney?

How long does coconut chutney last? It is best to refrigerate coconut chutney within a few hours of making it. The taste will not be impacted for 2 – 3 days under refrigeration. You can freeze the chutney to make it last for about 3 months.

Does coconut increase weight?

Because coconuts are so high in fat, they are also high in calories. Depending on your calorie needs and intake, they might promote weight gain if you don’t account for the extra calories elsewhere or make adjustments to your diet.

Can I lose weight eating chutney?

03/8Tamarind chutney It is also perfect for your favourite baked and roasted snacks as a dip to delight your taste buds. Made with tamarind, jaggery, raisins, and selected spices, this chutney can be a part of your weight loss diet.

Can coconut chutney be heated?

The chutney does well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, and to reheat add a little water, mix and microwave for 20-30s. I’ve also been able to freeze this in small batches, and thaw packs in warm water and reheat again. Serve at room temperature (or slightly warm) with your favorite tiffin or snack!

Can I lose weight with coconut?

Coconut meat may aid weight loss. Studies suggest that the MCTs in this fruit may promote feelings of fullness, calorie burning, and fat burning, all of which may support weight loss ( 11 , 12 , 13 ). Additionally, the high fiber content of coconut meat can boost fullness, which may help prevent overeating ( 14 , 15 ).