What is the altemeier procedure?

Altemeier’s procedure is one of the well-known perineal operations to treat full-thickness rectal prolapse; it removes the prolapse without a pexy and performs only a partial reconstruction of the pouch of Douglas.

What is Rectosigmoidectomy?

The Altemeier procedure is a rectosigmoidectomy, which involves a full-thickness resection of the rectum starting around 1 cm proximal to the dentate line and often extends to the sigmoid colon, together with the redundant anterior peritoneum.

What is a Levatorplasty?

Levatorplasty: A secondary operation for fecal incontinence following primary operation for anorectal agenesis☆

What is perineal Proctectomy?

Perineal proctectomy is a low risk operative procedure for the elderly and debilitated group of patients in controlling complete rectal prolapse. If the condition recurs, the procedure can be repeated with equally low morbidity.

What is Rectopexy?

Laparoscopic rectopexy is a type of surgery that is commonly performed to repair a rectal prolapse. This condition is characterized by a protrusion of the rectum through the anus, often caused by a weakness or total loss of the normal support structures of the rectum.

How long does a prolapse surgery take?

For robotic prolapse repairs, the surgery usually takes 3 to 4 hours and the restrictions and recovery time are very similar. For the robotic repair, 5 small incisions (approximately 1cm in length) are made across the abdomen (one above the belly button and two on either side of this).

What is the CPT for Delorme procedure?

One of my surgeons gave me the code 45130 for a Delorme procedure.

How long can you live without large intestine?

The large intestine or colon has one primary role, water and electrolyte absorption to concentrate the stool. It plays little role in metabolism and people can live full lives without their large intestine.

How long is recovery from rectum removal?

Most patients spend several days in the hospital after surgery, depending on how it was done and their overall health. It could take 3 to 6 weeks to recover at home.

How long does a Rectopexy last?

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic (you are put to sleep) by laparoscopic or keyhole surgery and takes between 1½ and 2½ hours.

How long is prolapse surgery?

The length of operative time for laparoscopic colposuspension can vary greatly (3-5 hours) from patient to patient depending on the internal anatomy, shape of the pelvis, weight of the patient, and presence of scarring or inflammation in the pelvis due to infection or prior abdominal/pelvic surgery.

How many hours is prolapse surgery?

What is Altemeier operation?

Altemeier operation. (ahlt’mī-ĕr), an operation for rectal prolapse that involves a sleeve resection of the prolapsed rectum and colon with a primary anastomosis performed transanally.

What is the prognosis of Altemeier’s procedure?

Altemeier’s procedure had in our series low complications rate and no mortality. It offered improved evacuation in constipated patients while didn’t improve fecal and urinary continence. Recurrence of prolapse was 40% at four years.

What is Altemeier’s procedure for external rectal prolapse?

The Altemeier’s Procedure for External Rectal Prolapse During the 19th and 20th centuries, different perineal approaches were proposed for the treatment of external rectal prolapse, and despite the high recurrence rate of the prolapse they were preferred to the abdominal approach.

What is the average length of a bowel resection surgery?

The median duration of the surgical procedure was 69 (50–125) minutes. All patients had a coloanal hand sewn anastomosis and in 25 (58%) a levatorplasty was also performed. The median length of the resected bowel was 20 (12–70) centimeters.