How many songs can you fit on 30gb?

Your 30 gb should hold somewhere around 8 to 10,000 songs.

How do you download music on a 30gb iPod?

iTunes: Go to the Music tab, select the Sync Music check box, choose the songs you want, then select Apply. Newer Macs: Your iTunes music library is located in the Music app, and you can transfer music to your iPod using the Finder.

Can you still use an old iPod?

Besides any cosmetic issues, the tech inside will have likely suffered, too. The battery will have almost certainly lost some capacity, and the moving hard drive inside could have become damaged. While there are still some repair parts around, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fix the device due to its age.

When did the video iPod come out?

October 12, 2005
5th generation (“iPod Video”) The fifth-generation iPod was introduced on October 12, 2005, shortly after the introduction of the iPod Nano. The fifth-generation iPod featured a 2.5″ 320×240 QVGA screen and a smaller Click Wheel. It was the first iPod to be able to play videos.

Is 32 GB enough for iPod for kid?

32Gb is small in today’s memory size for busy adults but still is good enough for kids.

Is 32GB good for an iPod?

The 32GB model will be enough if you rely primarily on streaming music services, even if you tend to cache music. You will need more storage if you store and record video.

How much did a video iPod cost?

The first iPod had a monochrome LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen and featured a 5GB hard drive capable of storing 1,000 songs encoded using MP3 and was priced at US$399.

How many songs can a 32GB iPod touch hold?

How many songs can a 32gb iPod touch hold? How many songs can a 32 gb iPod touch (5th generation) hold? Depends on the size of the song files and what else is on the ipod.

How many songs does a 30 GB hard drive hold?

One is about 3.5 gb and the other is a little over 4 gb. Your 30 gb should hold somewhere around 8 to 10,000 songs. Hi-how many songs does a 30 GB really store–currently on approx. 1140 and I’m near half

How many songs can an iPod store without videos?

hi. if there are no videos or anyting else on the ipod apart from music, will it still only store 7500 songs or will it store more due to no space being taken up by videos. thanks. It depends on the bit-rate depth of the songs you put on the iPod and also the play time of the songs.

How many MB is a 4 minute song?

128 Kbps x 240 Seconds = 30,720 Kb, = 3840 KB, or 3.75 MB/song. Given this, for 4 minute songs, the following approximate numbers are true: