What marimba mallets should I get?

Most marimbas are made of rosewood, a hardwood that needs to be protected due to its limited amounts. To avoid damaging the bars, the lower the range you are playing, the softer the mallet should be. If you are covering a large range, I recommend starting with a medium yarn mallet.

Can you use rubber mallets on marimba?

The mallet heads suited to the marimba are either soft rubber bulbs or rubber bulbs wrapped in wool yarn. Of these heads, there is some variation in the hardness of the rubber bulbs.

How much is a marimba worth?

A good marimba will typically cost you as much as a decent piano. List prices for marimbas start at around $2500 and go all the way up to $15000 and higher. The “street price” (the price one would actually pay) is usually quite a bit less if you can find a dealer that offers a good discount.

What mallets do I need?

For beginners, birch shaft mallets would be recommended. Many brands and models are available, but we recommend the following choices. These are also the standard mallets available in beginner stick/mallet prepacks. Mallets for marimba and vibraphone have a birch or rattan shaft and a yarn or cord head.

What are the different types of marimbas?

There are two kinds: the diatonic marimba sencilla and the chromatic marimba doble. Such large instruments are usually played by several marimbists, each player responsible for a particular register, within the confines of which he is obliged to stay.

How long is a marimba mallet?

When you’re swinging at a bunch of tiny targets, every inch matters.

Model Length
Vic Firth Andrew Markworth M231H 15-3/4″
Vic Firth Ian Grom M263 15-3/4″
Promark Jeff Moore JM12 15-7/8″
Vic Firth Multi-Application M183 15-7/8″

How much does a 4 octave marimba cost?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Musser Classic Grand Kelon 4.3-octave Marimba $ 5,659 .95 Musser Deluxe Studio Grand Rosewood 4.3-octave Marimba $ 7,469 .95
Type Marimba Marimba
Range 4.3-octave (A2-C7) 4.3-octave (A2-C7)
Pitch A=442Hz A=442Hz
Bars 1.5″-2.5″ 1.62″-2.5″

What is bamboo marimba?

The marimba (/məˈrɪmbə/) is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars that are struck by mallets. Below each bar is a resonator pipe that amplifies particular harmonics of its sound.

Is learning marimba hard?

The marimba can be a difficult instrument to learn how to play and there isn’t a wealth of classical repertoire for the instrument, but learning to play one is well worth it! The sound that is produced by a marimba is one of my favorite sounds in the world, and playing it is just fun!

How much is an Adams marimba?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Adams 4.3-octave Concert Synthetic Marimba $ 4,559 .95 Adams 3.0-octave Academy Series Padouk Marimba $ 1,579 .00
Type Marimba Marimba
Range 4.3-octave (A2-C7) 3.0-octave (C3-C6)
Pitch A=442Hz
Bars 1.57″-2.63″

How much is a 5 octave marimba?

Price $3,399 (US)

What is a 4.3 octave marimba?

#E8301 Educational 4.3 Octave Rosewood Marimba. Traditional Rosewood Keyboard with Classic Resonators. This model combines our Traditional Keyboard voicing and Classic Resonators to create an articulate yet resonant sound. Musicians measure all other brands of marimbas against the acoustic standard of this combination.