How do I comment out a block of code in Xcode?

6. Comments By selecting a few lines of code (pressing ⇧+↑ or ⇧+↓), you can comment a bunch of lines in a single shot with the ⌘ + / shortcut. If the lines are already comments, the same shortcut will uncomment them.

How do you comment a block of code in Swift?

There are two ways to add comments in Swift:

  1. // – Single Line comments.
  2. /*… */ – Multiline Comments.

How do I comment out multiple lines in Xcode?

Five Useful Shortcuts for Xcode 5

  1. Commenting multiple lines of code. Select the lines you want to comment.
  2. Running and building the app. ⌘ + R = Runs the app in the simulator or device.
  3. Opening useful windows. Alt + Left Click = Opens the documentation for the variable/class.
  4. Code structure.

How do I comment out a block of code in Swiftui?

Use a forward slash ( / ) followed by two asterisks ( * ) for the opening comment. Use an asterisk followed by a forward slash for the closing comment.

How do you make a comment markup?

Adding a Markup Comment To add a new markup comment click the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) to the right of the image file in list view and choose Mark up image from the dropdown. Or, if you’re already viewing the file’s details tray click the Mark Up button in the Details section.

How do you comment multiple lines on a Mac?

On Mac, you search for ⌘ Cmd + Shift + C . The shortcut generates multi line comments with // .

What is a Markdown comment?

Unlike a “normal” HTML comment which opens with an HTML comment in Markdown opens with — (three dashes). Some Markdown parsers support two-dash HTML comments, but the three-dash version is more universally compatible.

How do you comment out code on Mac?

Use the cmd + / key binding on the selected code.

How do I block comments in JavaScript?

Javascript multiline comments, also known as block comments, start with a forward slash followed by an asterisk (/*) and end with an asterisk followed by a forward slash (*/). They do not require a comment delimiter character on every line and may contain newlines.

How do you comment out a section in Markdown?

[//]: <> (This is also a comment.) For maximum portability it is important to insert a blank line before and after this type of comments, because some Markdown parsers do not work correctly when definitions brush up against regular text.

How do I hide text in Markdown?

Hide or remove content

  1. To hide Markdown, use the {toggle} directive.
  2. To hide or remove code cells or their outputs, use notebook cell tags.

How do you comment multiple lines in Markdown?

Both conditions are important:

  1. Using # (and not <> )
  2. With an empty line before the comment. Empty line after the comment has no impact on the result.

How do I block comments in R?

The easiest way to create a multi-line comment in RStudio is to highlight the text and press Ctrl + Shift + C. You can just as easily remove the comment by highlighting the text again and pressing Ctrl + Shift + C.

How do you do spoilers on markdown?

Approach: Markdown Supports HTML Blocks in it. So, we can use HTML’s and tag to create a spoiler text. The heading of the Spoiler Alert can be specified within the tag. The rest of the spoiler must be within the tag.

How do I hide code and output in R Markdown?

You use results=”hide” to hide the results/output (but here the code would still be displayed). You use include=FALSE to have the chunk evaluated, but neither the code nor its output displayed.

What is a block comment?

The second is called a Block comment and refers usually refers to a paragraph of text. A block comment has a start symbol and an end symbol and everything between is ignored by the computer.