Who is Kenny in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

One of Bobby Kennedy’s close friends was Kenny O’Donnell. Part of the President’s inner circle of ” Irish Mafia,” O’Donnell was a special adviser to the President. Secretly recorded transcripts of the Missile Crisis deliberations reveal O’Donnell was not part of the meetings or the discussions.

Who created flexible response?

The term flexible response first appeared in U.S. General Maxwell D. Taylor’s book The Uncertain Trumpet (1960), which sharply criticized U.S. national security policy. Initially designed to thwart communist expansion more effectively, the strategy has become a fundamental principle of American military thinking.

Why did JFK send advisors to Vietnam?

He hoped that the military aid would be sufficient to strengthen the Saigon government and its armed forces against the Viet Cong.

What did the u2 surveillance photos reveal?

These photographs provided positive proof of what the United States had for months suspected: that the Soviet Union was installing medium-range nuclear weapons in Cuba, capable of striking major U.S. cities and killing tens of millions of Americans within minutes.

What is JFK’s flexible response?

The new president and his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, introduced the policy of “flexible response.” In describing the approach, Kennedy stated that the nation must be ready “to deter all wars, general or limited, nuclear or conventional, large or small.” Under this approach, the United States could call on …

Why did Kennedy adopt flexible response?

Flexible response was a defense strategy implemented by John F. Kennedy in 1961 to address the Kennedy administration’s skepticism of Dwight Eisenhower’s New Look and its policy of massive retaliation.

Why is Agent Orange called agent?

More than 19 million gallons of various “rainbow” herbicide combinations were sprayed, but Agent Orange was the combination the U.S. military used most often. The name “Agent Orange” came from the orange identifying stripe used on the 55-gallon drums in which it was stored.

When did Kenneth O’Donnell die?

^ Johnson, Haynes, “Kenneth O’Donnell, Kennedy White House Aide, Dies”, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Saturday 10 September 1977. ^ “Testimony of Kenneth P. O’Donnell”. Hearings before the President’s Commission on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Is Don O’Donnell’s first wife still alive?

Mr. O’Donnell leaves his wife, Asta Hanna Helga Steinfatt O’Donnell, and is children from a previous marriage, Kenneth P. O’Donnell Jr., Kevin, Mark and Helen, all of Boston, and Kathleen Schlichenmaier of Texas. Mr. O’Donnell’s first wife, Helen, died earlier this year.

What happened to Odo Donnell?

O’Donnell graduated from high school during World War II and then served in the U.S. Army Air Forces (1942–1945), where he flew 30 missions as a bombardier in a B-17 squadron before being shot down over Belgium. “He was imprisoned, escaped, and emerged with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with Four Oak Leaf Clusters.”

Who is John O’Donnell?

O’Donnell was a close friend of President Kennedy and his younger brother Robert F. Kennedy, and was part of the group of Kennedy’s close advisers dubbed the “Irish Mafia.” O’Donnell also served as an aide to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1963 to 1965. He later served as an adviser to Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign .