What does farm schedule mean on census?

Agricultural censuses, sometimes referred to as “farm schedules,” are an enumeration of U.S. farms and ranches and the farmers who owned and operated them.

What do the codes mean on the 1910 Census?

The 1910 census (column 30) indicates whether the person was a “survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy.” The answers are “UA” for Union Army, “UN” for Union Navy, “CA” for Confederate Army, and “CN” for Confederate Navy.

What are the questions on the 1910 census?

How many children is the person the mother of? Of the children a person has mothered, how many are still alive? Is the person naturalized or an alien? Can the person speak English?

Is there a 1910 census?

The 1910 Census was begun on 15 April 1910. The actual date of the enumeration appears on the heading of each page of the census schedule, but all responses were to reflect the individual’s status as of 15 April, even if the status had changed between 15 April and the day of enumeration.

Is there a 1910 Census?

What are the questions asked on the census?

Person 1, the individual filling out the form, is also asked a few additional questions such as whether the home is owned or rented and some clarifying questions about how many people should be counted at that address: “How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2020?”

What does RW mean on a census?

Occupational qualification (women) R (Rw) Residential qualification (women) S. Service (military) voter.

What is the modified schedule for the 1910 census?

Enumerators of American Indians living on reservations or in family groups outside of reservations used a special modified schedule for the 1910 census which included an extra page of questions. Columns 1 through 32 were almost identical to the general population schedule.

How did the 1910 census questionnaire differ from the 1900 census?

The 1910 census questionnaire was similar in design to that used in 1900. The most notable change was the late addition, at the behest of Congress, of a question concerning a person’s “mother tongue.”

Where do you put children on a farm in a census?

Children on farms.—In the case of children who work for their own parents on a farm, the entry in column 18 should be farm laborer and in column 19 home farm; but for children who work as farm laborers for others, the entry in column 19 should be working out. 156.

How do you list farm schedules on a tax return?

Number of farm schedule.—This question applies only to farm homes. If the home is a farm home, enter in this column simply the number of the agricultural schedule filled out for this farm. Make this entry opposite the name of the member of the family operating the farm. Usually this will be the head of the family.