What are Contrafacts in music?

A contrafact is a new melodic composition written over the chord progression to a preexisting tune. For example, Charlie Parker’s tune Ornithology is a contrafact of the standard How High the Moon – a new melody composed over an existing chord progression.

What Is This Thing Called Love Contrafacts?

List of jazz contrafacts

Contrafact Year Original Song
“Barry’s Bop” 1947 “What Is This Thing Called Love?”
“Bean and the Boys” 1948 “Lover, Come Back to Me”
“Bebop Romp” 1947 “Fine and Dandy”
“Because of Guns” 2003 “Hey Joe”

Is Hot House a contrafact?

“Hot House” is a bebop standard, composed by American jazz musician Tadd Dameron in 1945. Its harmonic structure is identical to Cole Porter’s “What Is This Thing Called Love?” (see contrafact).

How do you write a contrafact?

A contrafact is a composition that uses chord changes to an existing song, but you write a new melody over top of it. So it’s a composition, it’s a song, that one composes over existing chord changes. The chord changes are not being composed, but the melody is.

Why did jazz musicians use Contrafacts?

As a compositional device, it was of particular importance in the 1940s development of bop, since it allowed jazz musicians to create new pieces for performance and recording on which they could immediately improvise, without having to seek permission or pay publisher fees for copyrighted materials (while melodies can …

Is Cherokee a contrafact?

A contrafact is a song that uses a new melody over an already existing chord progression….Contrafacts.

Original Contrafact
Back Home Again in Indiana Cherokee Apache Dance ~ George Coleman
The Injuns ~ Byrd
Ko-Ko ~ Parker
Warmin Up a Riff ~ Parker

Is Scrapple from the Apple a contrafact?

I played one of the only Charlie Parker heads that I know, Scrapple From The Apple. The tune has an A part and a B part, the A part being a contrafact of Honeysuckle Rose and the B part being a Rhythm Changes bridge.

Is Cottontail a contrafact?

“Cottontail” is a contrafact of George and Ira Gershwin’s song “I’ve Got Rhythm.” Duke Ellington’s “Cotton Tail,” written and recorded in 1940, makes this musical form easy to hear and understand. The catchy melody is heard in each “A” section of the form.

Is there such a thing as contrafact?

In spite of its usefulness, the term “contrafact” has not won wide acceptance in Western classical theory.

What is contra wiki?

The wiki about the video game series Contra by Konami that anyone can edit . 652 articles since May 30th, 2008.

What is the history of contrafact in music?

In classical music, contrafacts have been used as early as the parody mass and In Nomine of the 16th century. More recently, Cheap Imitation (1969) by John Cage was produced by systematically changing notes from the melody line of Socrate by Erik Satie using chance procedures.

What was the original name of Contra Force?

Contra Force was originally planned to be released in Japan under the title of Arc Hound in 1991, originally having no ties to the Contra series. The game was announced in magazines such as Famicom Tsūshin and advertised in official Konami brochures with a scheduled October release, but this early version of the game was canceled.