Who is the owner of GD Goenka School Lucknow?

Anjani Kumar Goenka. A noted businessman with an experience of almost three decades in real estate, grain and garment exports, travel & tourism and much more, he is vested with a dynamism which is as extraordinary as it is revolutionary.

Who is the owner of Goenka school?

C P Goenka International School
Established 2000
Founder Sandeep Goenka Archana Goenka
Authority C P Goenka International Group of Schools
Chairman Sandeep Goenka

What is the fees of GD Goenka School Gorakhpur?

Get fee details about admission, Tuition fee and transort fee and other fee details….Class IX & XI- Fee Session 2022-2023.

Tuition fee (Quarterly) ₹ 27,000
Total Fee ₹ 27,000

What is the fees of GD Goenka School Kanpur?

School Information

School Board: CBSE
Average Day Fees ₹102000 per year
Average Residential Fees ₹380000 per year
School Also Known As GD Goenka Public School
School Level Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)

What does composite fee mean?

Composite Fee means the fees charged by the College which covers various items supplied at School, including but not limited to course materials, day excursions, camps, the College sport program and student accident insurance, as well as the provision of on-site Healthcare.

Is CMS Lucknow CBSE or ICSE?

The campus was established in 1982. Today, it provides education from playgroup to X (ICSE level).

What is GD Goenka aspire test?

GD Goenka University Aspire 2022 (Entrance and Scholarship Test) is an online remote proctored entrance test conducted for a duration of three hours (PCM students) and 1 hour (Non PCM students) for admission to various programmes offered by the university.

Is Goenka a Marwari?

The Goenkas were a Marwari family which hailed from Dundlod in Rajputana. In 1905, Badridas graduated from the Presidency College, Calcutta – he was the first Marwari to graduate. In college, Badridas developed an interest in physics and chemistry.