How long should a life raft be serviced?

Servicing of Liferafts All liferafts shall be serviced: at intervals not exceeding 12 months (if impracticable, the administration may extend this period to 17 months) at proper service stations with proper servicing facilities and trained professionals.

How do you inspect a life raft?

To start, the casing of the life raft is visually inspected. The life raft and gas inflation cylinder are removed and then inspected. The life raft is inflated and the technician checks the roping, glue, and life raft fabric. Any replaceable parts of the life raft are replaced if needed.

How long does the inflatable life raft expire?

388(94) SOLAS regulation III/20.8 requires inflatable liferafts to be serviced at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

What are the two types of life raft?

There are three basic life raft designs: coastal, offshore, and ocean-going. Platforms are designed to keep survivors out of the water while they await a quick rescue.

How often should an inflatable liferaft be serviced at an approved service station?

one year
1. In accordance with the Provisions under M.S. (Life Saving Appliances) Rules 1991, Life rafts, inflatable rescue boats and other such inflatable life saving appliances are required to be serviced at periodic intervals of not more than one year.

What is the important SOLAS requirements for life rafts?

According to SOLAS Regulations, each vessel should contain enough lifeboats to accommodate 37.5% of crew and passengers on either side. While inflatable or rigid liferafts must accommodate 25% on each side of the vessel.

Who takes charge of maintenance and repair work of the lifeboat engine?

Detailed maintenance/repair work should be conducted by the manufacturer’s representative or a person appropriately trained and certified by the manufacturer for the work in accordance with MSC. 1/Circ. 1206/Rev. 1 on Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats.

How often should a lifeboat wire falls be turned and renewed?

Deteriorating falls must be renewed as necessary or at intervals of not more than five (5) years, whichever is the earlier. The intermediate turning of the falls end for end is not required.

What is the difference between a life boat and a life raft?

Lifeboats may have a rigid, fiberglass or wood hull or may be inflatable; generally, life rafts are strictly inflatable. Inflatable rescue craft may have auto-inflation devices such as carbon dioxide canisters or mechanical pumps, or may be inflated prior to deployment.