Can Adora be She-Ra without the sword?

In season five, Adora was shown to have been able to transform into She-Ra without the sword, the sword materializing and disappearing as she transformed back and forth into and out of She-Ra.

Is Shadow Weaver Adora’s mother?

Adora: Shadow Weaver “found” Adora as an orphaned baby. She decided to take Adora in as her ward because she saw potential in the child. As Adora grew Shadow Weaver acted like a commanding officer and mother to her, albeit not a nice one.

Who is Catra’s mother?

In the 2018 series, a teenage Catra was a childhood friend of Adora, raised alongside her by their trainer/mother-figure, Shadow Weaver.

How old is Seahawk RA?

She seems to be in her 20-somethings at the very least. I read Sea Hawk as 20/21 and Mermista as 18/19 (i.e. older than Adora / She-Ra). Sea Hawk proclaims himself to be many things and I think almost all of it is simply him being bombastic.

What is Rogelio English?

Rogelio (Spanish pronunciation: [ro’xeljo]) is a masculine Spanish given name and a variant of the first name Roger.

What age is Mermista?

Mermista is probably very late teens (so 18 or 19), whilst Seahawk is mid-twenties, I think.

Does Catra have PTSD?

Throughout the show, Catra has been a character who, as a result of her trauma, PTSD, and being raised as an emotionally starved child soldier, makes irrational, hurtful, cruel, and sometimes even evil decisions.

Does Scorpia have a crush on Perfuma?

When Entrapta and Bow disabled all the chips in the last episode of the series, Scorpia was freed from her chip and was reunited with Perfuma, the two being overjoyed to see each other. According to a post created by ND Stevenson, the two have begun a romantic relationship, meaning they are currently girlfriends.

What is Rogelio’s baby’s name?

Then it hits them. After gathering everyone around later that day, Rogelio introduces the entire family to Baby De La Vega. That’s right. The baby’s name is Baby.

What is a nickname for Rogelio?

Nicknames for the name Rogelio: Ro. Rog. Rodge. Helio. Leo.