Writing an MBA essay includes a description of a person’s individuality, professional qualities and aspirations. From MBA essay business school wants to get information about how much you have leadership qualities, the degree of security of your prospects, to assess your intellectual abilities.

Business schools offer to write to their potential students from 3 to 12 essays ranging in size from 150 to 2000 words, but most schools are limited to 3-5 essays.

Major mistakes in writing an MBA essay

Most applicants for admission to business school make a number of common mistakes when writing MBA introductory essay, such as:

  • do not give an answer to the question. When writing an MBA essay for admission to business schools, applicants need to answer a specific question, but most young people ignore it and write about what they consider necessary to specify;
  • the desire of applicants to show themselves in a favourable light and adjust to the standards provided by the business school and set out not truthful information, but false data;
  • the presentation of information is uninteresting and boring. After all, in fact, the MBA essay is not a scientific study, but a description of personal life and views on the future;
  • use of slang expressions. Of course, the MBA essay should be written in bright and colourful language, but some applicants for admission to business schools go beyond what is allowed and include in their essay slang expressions, which is unacceptable;
  • unfounded sweeping statements. Young people, trying to give themselves solidity, write essays in the MBA very loud statement, which subsequently cannot argue;
  • errors and typos. It would seem that the easiest thing a candidate can do for admission to a business school is to avoid mistakes in his work by elementary checking it after writing. However, not many from them are able to guess it;
  • most students mask common answers under the verbosity and use of cliche. The mistake is that young people do not understand that to demonstrate their intelligence is not necessary to overload the text of the essay pompous words and scientific expressions.

All these and many other mistakes made by young people when writing MBA essays push them to such a step as to use MBA essay help to write an introductory essay or to look for experienced and competent authors from whom they can buy a ready-made MBA essay.

The advantage of IBA essays written by professional authors

Individual authors or authors working in specialized agencies, when writing MBA essays guarantee the customer that the finished essay they performed:

  • provides the author’s solution to the problem;
  • gives a specific and complete answer to the question;
  • is an expression of the thoughts and feelings of the author;
  • has originality and high competitiveness.

When writing an MBA essay to order, specialists in this field are guided by the requirements regarding the writing of the MBA essay, as well as unquestioningly perform the following recommendations:

  • description of a specific existing problem;
  • interpretation and investigation of the problem, using previously studied or additional sources of information;
  • identification of ways to solve the problem and the choice of the most optimal one;
  • preparation of a plan for the implementation of the chosen method of solving the problem, a description of its own role in this process, recommendations to managers-colleagues.

As a result of the work done on writing MBA essays, the authors guarantee their clients:

  • absolutely unique work that has passed a comprehensive test for plagiarism;
  • making reasonable amendments to the essay, if the customer requires it;
  • full consultation on the stages of writing the MBA essay and conclusions;
  • absolute confidentiality.