What is 2 cfr part 25?

eCFR :: 2 CFR Part 25 — Universal Identifier and System for Award Management.

Do subrecipients need to be registered in SAM?

Subrecipients are not required to complete full SAM registration to obtain a unique entity identifier. (b) A recipient must notify any potential subrecipients that the recipient cannot make a subaward unless the subrecipient has obtained a unique entity identifier as described in paragraph (a) of this section.

Do subawards need SAM registration?

Subrecipients are not required to register in SAM based upon USAID determination. Recipients and subrecipients may be exempt from the executive compensation reporting requirement based on USAID determination. Recipients may be exempt from the subaward reporting requirement based on USAID determination.

Who needs to register with SAM?

A SAM registration is required for any entity to bid on and get paid for federal contracts or to receive federal funds. These include for-profit businesses, nonprofits, government contractors, government subcontractors, state governments, and local municipalities.

Is a CAGE code the same as a SAM number?

SAM is a free government-wide registry. SAM centralizes information about federal financial assistance recipients. Once you are successful at registering in SAM, you will be assigned a CAGE Code. If you have received a CAGE code in the past, you need to verify that your registration in the SAM database is current.

What is 2 CFR Part 200.425 2 audit?

ยง 200.425 Audit services. (2) Any costs of auditing a non-Federal entity that is exempted from having an audit conducted under the Single Audit Act and subpart F of this part because its expenditures under Federal awards are less than $750,000 during the non-Federal entity’s fiscal year.

What is the difference between a CAGE code and a DUNS number?

Criteria for assignment of an identification code DUNS number is assigned to the lowest organizational level. CAGE code is assigned per legal entity at individual physical addresses. Source: Congressional Research Service.

What is the difference between SAM and DUNS number?

The DUNS number is required for any federal contract application and applicants must register with SAM to receive payments. If you apply as an individual and use your social security number as your EIN, you DO NOT need to obtain a DUNS number or SAM registration.