What craft can you do with old CDs?

Use an old CD as the template for a perfect circle.

  • Cover old CDs with felt and use them as coasters.
  • Use old CDs to catch candle drips.
  • Make artistic bowls from old CDs.
  • Use old CDs as sidewalk or driveway reflectors.
  • Use an old CD as the basis for a kids’ craft.
  • Use old CDs as holiday ornaments.
  • What we can do with waste CD?

    DIY Recycled CD Crafts – Dream Catcher.

  • Recycled CD Coaster Craft.
  • Recycled CD Crafts – make Butterflies.
  • Recycled CD Craft Hippopotamus.
  • Upcycled CD Peacock Craft.
  • Recycled CD Crafts – make Ladybugs.
  • Recycled CD Ice Creams using old CDs.
  • DIY CD Spinning Toys.
  • How do you make CD wall art?

    1. Drill two holes on opposite ends of the CDs.
    2. Connect CDs with the binder rings, building chains 5-10 CD’s long.
    3. Attach the tackless wall hangers on the wall.
    4. Using two binder rings, create a loop to put your chains on the wall hangers.
    5. Hang the chains on the wall hangers, stand back, and enjoy your new art piece!

    How do you make CD crafts?

    24 Wonderful DIY Ideas To Do With Old CDs

    1. Make a beautiful bird bath. meandmydiy.com.
    2. Turn your old, bland boots into shiny shoes. Mint Hasumy.
    3. Nailed it: driveway reflector. instructables.com.
    4. Infinity guitar picks. thinkgeek.com.
    5. Make a trippy lamp. lumberjocks.com.
    6. Easy ice scraper. Neven.
    7. A candle holder.
    8. Fridge decor.

    What is Cadmium lamp?

    Definition of cadmium lamp : a vapor lamp in which the fluorescence of cadmium vapor produces red light whose wavelength taken as 6438.4696 international angstroms is used as a standard of length.

    How can I reuse a burned CD?

    The CD-R, originally named CD Write-Once, you can only burn once. If you want to burn the CD and then erase the CD and re-burn it again. I would suggest you to buy CD-RW (I.e. CD Re-Writable disk) You can find it any computer retailer’s shops.

    What can we make from waste materials?

    And it would be a great idea to reuse these waste. When put to the right use, you can create useful things from waste material such as pretty handicrafts for your home, accessories or even toys for your kids!…8. Spoon Vase Idea

    • A large can.
    • Paper plate.
    • Plastic spoons.
    • Scissors.
    • Glue.
    • Paint.

    What to do with Waste CD’s?

    Get the best out of waste CD’s. If at home you have waste and old CD’s do not get rid of them. Now we will show you a good way to reuse them by creating interesting wall hangings, cute animals, fishes. Take some old CDs and paint all the CDs with acrylic paint. Let it dry for some time. Now Draw your favorite patterns and designs on the CD.

    What to do with waste material for kids?

    Super & Creative Waste Material Craft Ideas for Kids. 1 1. Milk Carton Bird House. Use an old milk carton for this activity, which will not only be fun and engaging but will also enchant your children by 2 2. Popsicle Stick Bookmarks. 3 3. Glittery CD Fish. 4 4. Ombre Spoon Vase. 5 5. Tin-can Chimes.

    Can you recycle CD’s?

    While many of us still have many CDs remaining in our music collections, most people end up throwing them out if they’re scratched or not listening to them anymore. If you like upcycling ideas, here are 16 DIY CD craft projects to reuse CDs. Create something you can use on a daily basis or create a unique handmade gift with recycled CDs.

    What do you do with your CD or DVD projects?

    Use a CD as a signal mirror in an emergency 23. Mosaic CD mirror 24. DIY garden markers 25. Mosaic flower pot with CDs Which CD or DVD project is your personal favorite? Have you created any DIY crafts of your own out of CDs or DVDs? If so, share them with us! We would love to pin them to our Green Crafts board on Pinterest! Hello!