How much is bus going to Baguio?

They have 6 daily trips of First Class buses going to Baguio. Fare is 800 pesos. First trip is as early as 1:15AM and the last trip is 11:15 AM. Please see details of trips below.

How much is the bus fare from Cubao to Baguio?

The cheapest way to get from Cubao to Baguio is to bus which costs ₱400 – ₱800 and takes 6h.

How much is the fare from Pasay to Baguio?

The cheapest way to get from Pasay to Baguio City is to bus which costs ₱450 – ₱600 and takes 5h 9m. What is the fastest way to get from Pasay to Baguio City? The quickest way to get from Pasay to Baguio City is to taxi which costs ₱3,800 – ₱4,600 and takes 3h 23m.

How much is the transportation cost from Manila to Baguio?

The cheapest way to get from Manila to Baguio is to bus which costs ₱390 – ₱600 and takes 6h. Which way is quickest from Manila to Baguio? The quickest way to get from Manila to Baguio is to taxi which costs ₱3,700 – ₱4,400 and takes 3h 14m.

Is swab test required in Baguio?

30 September 2020 – Health and safety of the community is a priority. The local government of Baguio will require negative result of Coronavirus disease diagnostic test for all travellers entering the Summer Capital beginning October 3, 2020 and until necessity requires.

How much is joy bus to Baguio?

JOY Bus Fares to Baguio

Origin Destination Price
Cubao Baguio ₱720
Cubao Baguio ₱740
Pasay Baguio ₱760
Pasay Baguio ₱730

Do you need swab test to go to Baguio?

2022 February 21 – Fully-vaccinated leisure travelers coming from areas under Alert Levels 1 & 2 may visit Baguio again without swab test. Those coming from Alert Level 3 are required to present a negative test result.

Is travel Pass still needed in Baguio?

Returning residents, students, employees, workers, or passing through travelers must still register in For APORs/essential travel assistance, call CDRRMO at (074) 442 1900, (074) 442 1901, 0927 628 0498 or 0999 678 4335.

Can I go to Baguio without QTP?

Schedule your visit at least one (1) day before your trip. Only a limited number of travelers per day will be allowed entry so make sure you schedule your visit beforehand. No QTP, no entry! QTP refers to the QR-coded Tourist Pass, which will be issued to you when you register or schedule your visit.

How to get to Baguio by bus?

The travel time when it comes to regular buses going Baguio is around 6 hours. These usually take NLEX or SCTEX and make one or two stops. But when it comes to a bus to Baguio, there are available executive buses like the JoyBus of Genesis Transport and the First Class Deluxe service of Victory Liner.

What to do in Ibay Baguio?

Baguio City Tour (The Mansion, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Ibay’s Silver Craft, Baguio-Mt. Province Museum, Burnham Park) Baguio Countryside Tour (Kennon Road Zigzag View Point, Philippine Military Academy, Easter Weaving School, Tam-Awan Village, La Trinidad Strawberry Farm)

What is joybus to Baguio?

JoyBus of Genesis Transport is one of the bus to Baguio I usually take when going home to Baguio because the Baguio terminal is closer to the central business district. There are two types of JoyBus buses – Premier and Deluxe.

Does Victory Liner have new bus schedules to Baguio?

Recently, Victory Liner published on their Facebook page its new bus schedules to and from Baguio. However, these days, only the departure times of their first and last trips are publicly announced. There are still more journeys in between, but the exact times change and are not fixed.