What does koukla in Greek mean?

Koukla means “doll” or “beautiful girl” in Greek, and is an often-used term of endearment and adoration.

What is the meaning of koukla MOU?

So in summary, the koukla translation is ‘doll’ and koukla mou meaning in English is ‘my doll’. It’s not considered sleazy, it is a term of endearment.

What does Kamari MOU mean in Greek?

The phrase ‘kamari mou’ literally refers to someone you are proud of.

What the meaning of Kouk La Ree?

Explanation: the word ‘koukla’ actually means ‘doll’ but it is used to say that a woman is pretty/beautiful. So, it would be – Kisses to you, my pretty one. FREDERICA. Local time: 20:32.

What is a Kukla?

kukla (definite accusative kuklayı, plural kuklalar) puppet (string puppet)

What does Kalinikta mean in Greek?

Goodnight in Greek
Kalinikta: Goodnight in Greek Knowing how to say thank you (“efkharistó”) or goodnight in Greek (“kalinikta”) can go a long way to making new friends during your vacation.

What does Cucla mean in Greek?

Etymology. From Ottoman Turkish قوقله‎, from Greek κούκλα (koúkla, “doll”).

What do Greeks call their girlfriend?

Common phrases used in Greek for an object of affection are: αγάπη μου (agApi mou – my love), αγαπούλα μου (agapOUla mou – my little love) καρδιά μου (kardiA mou), μωρό μου (morO mou – my baby), μωράκι μου (morAki mou – my little baby), άγγελέ μου (AnghelE mou – my angel)… The possibilities are practically endless…

What does VRE mean in Greek?

+1 vote. Best answer. The word “βρε” is actually the vocative case “μωρέ” of the “μωρός, -ή, -ό” adjective. The etymology of “μωρός” is “μη + ώρα” (not + time) and it means “ανώριμος” (immature) or idiot. It is interesting to note that the neutral of “μωρός” is “μωρό” (baby), which is obviously immature.

What kind of animal was Kukla?

A Chicago TV Show that went National Kukla, Fran and Ollie was the brainchild of Burr Tillstrom, a puppeteer. In fact, he was the only puppeteer on the show and controlled both puppets–Kukla, a marionette-looking puppet, and Ollie, a dragon.

What does kalimera Kalispera mean?

Kalimera/Kalispera/Kalinihta Translation: Good morning/Good evening/Goodnight. Break Down: Kalo/i = good, mera=day, nihta=night.

What do Greeks call their kids?

Family words in Greek

mother μητέρα (mitéra) μαμά (mamá)
children παιδιά (paidiá)
son γιός (giós)
daughter κόρη (kóri)

Who created Kukla Fran and Ollie?

Burr Tillstrom
Fran Allison with Kukla and Ollie, two puppets created by Burr Tillstrom for the television series “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie.”

Where did the name Kukla come from?

Polish (also Kukla) and Czech: from kukla ‘cowl’, ‘hood’, ‘mask’, probably a nickname bestowed on an habitual wearer of a hood or perhaps a metonymic occupational name for a hood or cowl maker. In Polish kukla, kukla also means a kind of bread roll and a puppet.