How old is shy in the living?

Shy is the protagonist of The Living. He is a 17-year-old Mexican American high school student who takes a summer job working on a Paradise Line luxury cruise ship to help his family financially.

What is the theme of We the Living?

Themes. Ayn Rand’s theme in We the Living is the supreme value of an individual life, and the evil of a state that claims the right to take and sacrifice that life. Rand held that each individual has a moral right to live for his own sake, to pursue his own personal happiness.

What is We the Living by Ayn Rand about?

Ayn Rand’s first published novel, a timeless story that explores the struggles of the individual against the state in Soviet Russia. First published in 1936, We the Living portrays the impact of the Russian Revolution on three human beings who demand the right to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness.

Who is Leo in We the Living?

​​WE THE LIVING is the story of beautiful, strong-willed Kira Argounova (Alida Valli). Kira encounters a young fugitive, Leo Kovalensky, (Rossano Brazzi), who is hiding from the GPU—the secret police. Unknown to her family or friends, Kira meets secretly with Leo and they soon fall in love.

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What attracted Kira to Leo and Andrei?

What attracted Kira to Leo and to Andrei? Kira responded to Leo’s independence, which she recognized the first time she met him. He thought for himself, chose his own values, and had no interest in being part of the crowd. He was severe, self-sufficient and evoked the spirit of Kira’s ideal man.

Who is the protagonist in The Living?

Shy, a young Mexican-American who has taken a summer job on a luxury cruise ship in the hopes of making “game-changing” money before going back to school, is the appealing protagonist of “The Living,” a young adult thriller by Matt de la Peña, whose previous novels for this age group include “Ball Don’t Lie” and “We …

How many pages are in The Living by Matt de la Peña?

The Living

The Living
ISBN: 9780375984358, Related ISBNs: 0375984356, 0375989919, 0385741200, 0385741219, 9780375984358
Classification: Fiction
Number of pages: 320,
Audience: Young adult

What happened to Leo in We the Living?

He opens a food store, but this is secretly a front for the black market. Andrei, who is staunchly opposed to corruption, investigates the store and arrests Leo. This is when he discovers that Kira has been living with Leo. Devastated, he covertly allows for Leo’s release and then kills himself.

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What is the theme of The Living by Matt de la Peña?

“It is at once a disaster epic, a survival story and a coming of age novel, told through the life of a young man who is becoming aware of class, prejudice and romance,” says NPR.