What is Snuggie slang for?

Noun. snuggie (plural snuggies) (US, slang) A wedgie. Alternative form of Snuggie quotations ▼

What is a Snaggy mean?

Snaggyadjective. snappish; cross; ill-tempered.

How do you spell Snuggy?

noun (used with a plural verb)Informal. warm knitted underwear, especially long underpants, for women or children.

Is Misregard a word?

Misregard definition Disregard; failure to heed or consider; contempt; neglect. To disregard; fail to heed; ignore; neglect.

What do you mean by Nick?

Definition of nick (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a small notch, groove, or chip For one thing, formal chairs, beds and tables require greater vigilance on the part of the owners to protect against nicks and spills.— Sarah Collins. b : a small cut or wound got a few nicks from shaving.

What size are snugger fit condoms?

Lifestyles Snugger Fit are form fitting small condoms. Measures 44mm in diameter just below the head. Uniquely shaped for a snug fit means more contact and sensation. Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure.

Is it nicks or Nick’s?

Nicks is the plural form of the noun nick and the second person present tense of the verb nick. Nick, when used as a noun may mean a small, accidental cut. It is also used in British slang to mean prison or a police station. The verb nick means to make a small, accidental cut.

Is Knick a word?

No, knick is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Smeg mean in slang?

To mess up
(slang) To mess up.

What’s the smallest brand of condoms?

The smallest condom on the market GLYDE SLIMFIT condoms are designed for men who prefer a snugger fit, or require a narrower, tighter condom. GLYDE SLIMFIT are sized at 49mm for a form-fitting ultra reliable, ultra sensitive experience – feels great for both partners!

How do you spell Knick?

“Knick” isn’t actually a word. “Knicks” is an abbreviation of “Knickerbockers,” meaning a resident of New York or the pro basketball team. “Knick-knack” is a small ornamental object. “Knickers” is another word for underwear.

What is getting nicked?

to cheat someone or to charge someone too much money: $50 for a meal like that – we were nicked!