Why is liluah famous?

Liluah, or Lillooah as it was written then, was the home of the 1st Bn., the East Indian Railway Regiment.

What is the fees of Don Bosco School Liluah?

ICSE & ISC Board Fee Structure

Annual Fees ₹ 43800
Admission Fee ₹ 40000
Security Fee ₹ 10000

How can I get admission in Don Bosco Liluah?

Those interested in seeking admission are requested to go through the prospectus in the school website and apply only if you are satisfied with the system of education imparted at DBL. Admission to the Kinder Garten (K.G.) 1.

Is liluah a town?

Liluah is an in Howrah, Howrah District, West Bengal, India, 711204. Salkia (4.3 Km), Kadam Tala (5.58 Km), Bally (6.44 Km), Belur (6.69 Km), Shibpur (7.78 Km) are the nearby areas to Liluah. Howrah, Hooghly, Chakpara, Baigachhi, Dankuni, Anandanagar, Kolkata are the nearby cities to Liluah.

What is the meaning of liluah?

Liluah (also spelled Lillooah) is a neighbourhood in Howrah city of Howrah district, West Bengal, India. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). Liluah has a railway junction, which is the first station after Howrah station under the Eastern Railway (India).

Who is the MLA of Howrah?


Party Candidate Votes
AITC Laxmi Ratan Shukla 61,917
INC Santosh Kumar Pathak 34,958
BJP Roopa Ganguly 31,416
IND Subodh Pathak 1,146

What does liluah mean?

What is the old name of river Howrah?

The bridge is one of four on the Hooghly River and is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. The other bridges are the Vidyasagar Setu (popularly called the Second Hooghly Bridge), the Vivekananda Setu and the relatively new Nivedita Setu….Traffic.

Traffic Flow for fast moving light vehicles
1999 20% 80%

What does Howrah mean?

British Dictionary definitions for Howrah Howrah. / (ˈhaʊrə) / noun. an industrial city in E India, in West Bengal on the Hooghly River opposite Kolkata (Calcutta).

Who is the MLA of Howrah South?

Members of Legislative Assembly

Election Year Constituency Name of M.L.A.
Howrah East Saila Kumar Mukhopadhyay
1957 Howrah North Samar Mukhopadhyay
Howrah South Kanai Lal Bhattacharya
Howrah West Bankim Chandra Kar

What is the Liluah Carriage and wagon workshop in Howrah?

The Liluah Carriage and Wagon Workshop is located in the suburbs of Howrah about 7 km. from Howrah. It is the largest combined carriage and wagon workshop of Indian Railways. The prime responsibility of this workshop was to manufacture rolling stock. This excluded locomotives. Only carriages and wagons were initially manufactured.

How many platforms are there in the Liluah railway station?

The Liluah Railway station has 5 platforms with 3 mainly being used for the Howrah-Bardhaman main line and the other two for the Howrah-Bardhaman chord line. The Belur Math Line branches off between Liluah and Belur.

Does Liluah manufacture its own coaches?

Manufacturing of coaches were done till 1972, and Liluah has 3000 coaches to its credit. Wagon manufacturing was, however, discontinued in the post independence era, and coach manufacturing was also stopped when sufficient infrastructure was built throughout the country to cater for the ever-growing demand.

Which is the nearest railway line from Liluah to Belur?

The Belur Math Line branches off between Liluah and Belur. There is also Bhattanagar railway station which is present at the extreme western outskirts of Liluah (in the farmlands of Chakpara, to the west of Bhattanagar locality).