What is the journey of an IFS officer?

After completing the three months training, which involves training in multiple disciplines including a foreign language, horse riding and trekking in high Himalayas, a Foreign Service Probationer moves to the Foreign Service Institute located in New Delhi for further training.

What do Marine infantry officers do?

Duties. Infantry officers lead their troops in combat operations and oversee morale and discipline. They have the difficult job of deciding how to use and deploy weapons and equipment in combat situations, which includes patrols, battle plans, and intelligence.

What is DPA 1 Division?

DPA has three Divisions. Currently, DPA I deals with project appraisal and lines of credit; DPA II deals with capacity building schemes, disaster relief, Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme and DPA III deals with project implementation.

Can IFS officer join Territorial Army?

No, people currently serving in the armed forces, paramilitary organisations or the police forces cannot join the Territorial Army.

What is IOC in the Marines?

The USMC Infantry Officer Course (IOC) Training Plan is a 30 session cycle designed specifically to prepare the athlete for the physical requirements of the Combat Endurance Test (CET) and follow on training at IOC. The plan is designed to be completed during the final 2 months of The Basic School (TBS).

Can IFS officer choose the country?

IFS officers must safeguard India’s concerns and affairs in the country of his deputation. Must develop cordial relations with all the stakeholders in the country of his/her posting….Indian Foreign Service (IFS) – Vacancies.

Post Abroad Post in India Payscale
Ambassador/High Commissioner Secretary 26000 (Fixed)

Do IFS officers get servants?

Please do remember that we don’t get cars or servants or all sorts of other freebies that people imagine us to be getting.

What is full form of mea?

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

What is full form of MEA?

What is the first posting of IFS officer?

Career. A Foreign Service Officer begins his career abroad as a Third Secretary and is promoted to Second Secretary as soon as he is confirmed in service. Subsequent promotions are to the levels of First Secretary, Counsellor, Minister and Ambassador/High Commissioner/Permanent Representative.

How do you refer to an equipment item without an official designation?

3.4.6 Preliminary Designators If an equipment item has not yet received an official designation, it can be referred to using a designation, where the model number has been replaced by parentheses. E.g., a new fire control radar system could be identified as AN/APG-() in the initial development phase.

What are the different types of components and equipment designation?

Components and Equipment: Components and associated items were also designated using a type designator and a model number, separated by a dash. Type designators for radio communications components and equipment were: A – Phantom Antenna AL – Aerial Communication AN – Antenna Aerial AP – Panel Set AR – Lightning Arrestor BA – Primary Battery

What is the difference between normal and secret equipment designations?

Secret equipment used 3-letter codes instead of model numbers. (4) was an optional suffix to designate modifications. Normal designations had upper case letter suffixes, while designations for secret equipment had numerical suffixes. 3 Joint Electronics Type Designation System (The “AN” System)

What are the different designators for variable configuration equipment?

There are two other designators, which are used in a way similar to the “(V)” for variable configuration equipment, i.e. they are appended behind the model number. These designators are: (C) – Classified and/or Cryptographic Equipment (for use by NSA only)