Is the M-65 field jacket still issued?

The M-65 field jacket was so enduring, in fact, that very little changes to the design have been made throughout the course of its lifetime as a military uniform, until it was retired in 2009.

Are military jackets warm?

Used by the Army for decades, nothing beats the cold better than a military field jacket. Offering a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs, these military coats are sure to keep you warm, comfortable, and looking good all winter long.

How do you date a M-65 field jacket?

To date your item, look for a 2 digit number near the end of the code (it will be between 53 and 61). That two digit number is the exact year of manufacture for your surplus item.

Why is it called a field jacket?

Whilst these garments were designed for the battlefield, they have have been appropriated by popular and countercultural movements. They have also been seen on the shoulders of celebrities such as Steve McQueen and John Lennon, making the U.S. Military ‘Field Jackets’ undoubtedly iconic.

How warm is M65 field jacket?

Insulates into the 40’s and 30’s Fahrenheit: Yes. Paired with a good waterproof, breathable jacket, like the Bluffworks Field Jacket or the Patagonia Torrentshell, the M65 liner can easily keep you warm into the 40’s.

Are field jackets good?

A soldier’s signature style isn’t complete without an all-purpose field jacket. In the same vein as cargo pants, field jackets are built for practical use. They’re sturdy, durable, and functional, and they only get better with age.

Are field coats warm?

A field jacket keeps you dry in a storm, warm when it’s chilly, and cool when the sun comes out. For layering gurus and outdoor enthusiasts, a quality field jacket is indispensable.

What do you wear under a field jacket?

Puffer Vests look great under field jackets and give you that added warmth you need. You can either go for a button down shirt, henley, sweater or sweatshirt. Once you have your base layer, you can add in your puffer vest.

What kind of jackets do they sell at army surplus World?

We offer both military and civilian style jackets, including a variety of M-65 field jackets, N3B and Gortex parkas, Tactical Softshell jackets, fleece jackets, PT jackets and MA1 flight jackets. Whether you are looking for vintage or modern styling, Army Surplus World has your outerwear needs covered.

Why choose an army field jacket?

Our army field jackets offer a great combination of comfort, durability and timeless military style. They’re a practical choice for any outdoor adventurer or military enthusiast.

What kind of jacket does the German fire service wear?

German Fire Service (Feuerwehr) dark blue jacket made of Gore-Tex material. Jacket features concealed front zipper, waist pockets with flap, breast pockets, elastic cuffs, jacket is lined and has high visibility reflective tape bands. May or may not come…