What happened to Kenfig?

This happened during the 13th century, when powerful storms caused massive quantities of sand to build up along the coastline. The wind carried the sand inland, so that the town of Kenfig and its castle were buried underneath tons of sand.

Is there a village under Kenfig Pool?

Not far from Porthcawl, Bridgend in Glamorgan in South Wales lies Kenfig Pool that according to legend has a drowned town beneath its waters.

Who owns Kenfig Nature?

The Kenfig Corporation Trust
The Kenfig Corporation Trust owns an area of land comprising 1,650 acres, including the Kenfig National Nature Reserve and Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club (215 acres), the Prince of Wales Public House and various other tracts of land, at and near to Kenfig.

Are you allowed to swim in Kenfig Pool?

Bridgend, United Kingdom First the lake is not for swimming in. So don’t even think about it.

What is under Kenfig Pool?

According to local legend, the lake is bottomless and fed by seven springs. Unwary people who travel into the lake would be caught up in a whirlpool which would drag them to their death. The most significant, and most believed, legend tells that a city lay beneath the water.

Is Kenfig Nature Reserve Open?

Kenfig national nature reserve, Bridgend, open daily, free admission – See Around Britain.

Is Kenfig Pool tidal?

The tide is currently rising in Kenfig Sands. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 8.5m will be at 5:25pm and the lowest tide of 2.4m was at 11:11am. Click here to see Kenfig Sands’s tide times for the week.

Are there toilets at Kenfig Nature Reserve?

Accessibility: Level access, car park with disability parking, toilets, dogs welcome. Brief description: A coastal dune system with a 2½ mile storm beach, rolling dunes and a mosaic of wetlands including Kenfig Pool.

Is Kenfig Nature Reserve free?

Kenfig national nature reserve, Bridgend, open daily, free admission.

Are dogs allowed at Kenfig?

Kenfig Sands (known locally as Sker Beach) is the most westerly of Porthcawl’s beaches and is only accessible by walking from Rest Bay or the Kenfig National Nature Reserve. Generally sandy and flat, it is mostly used by locals, making it one of the quieter beaches in Porthcawl and dogs are allowed year round.

Is there a town buried under Kenfig Pool?

Many Welsh lakes have legends and myths connected to them, and Kenfig Pool is no exception having associations with a legendary drowned town under the lake and a real town buried under sand nearby. Situated near Porthcawl, Bridgend in Glamorgan, Wales, it is also known as Pwll Cynffig.

What happened to the town of Kenfig?

One of the most mysterious is the legend of a drowned town under Kenfig Pool and, adding to the mystique and romance, there was also a real town of Kenfig. This town was abandoned after being completely covered by the shifting sands of a massive dune system which once ran along the Welsh shoreline.

Why visit Kenfig National Nature Reserve?

The reserve is a favourite refuge for wildfoul all year round. The area is very popular with birdwatchers, photographers, walkers, and families. It is one of the few places in the UK where the bittern can be seen during the winter. Kenfig National Nature Reserve is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

How did Kenfig Castle get buried?

The wind carried the sand inland, so that the town of Kenfig and its castle were buried underneath tons of sand. Today, all that can be seen is the top of Kenfig castle which protrudes from the sand. According to one local tradition, an earthquake caused the land to sink and fill with water creating Kenfig Pool.