How much does a yard of worm castings cost?

The Price of Bulk Worm Castings On a per-cubic-yard basis, the price will range from $225 to over $800 before shipping. Larger worm castings producers – especially those who can vermicompost outdoors – can achieve economies of scale that will greatly lower unit costs to the end buyer.

Are worm castings good for lawns?

1 Worm castings are small mounds or bumps on the lawn that are basically worm excrement—but highly nutritious excrement. These excretions are nutrient-packed remains of digested plant matter and soil that have passed through the worms—a material that is extremely beneficial to the lawn.

Are worm castings expensive?

Castings – Priceless but very inexpensive to obtain Well these are actually very cheap to obtain since you’ll only need a batch of worms, a composter, bedding materials, and some organic food for your start-up.

Can you mix worm castings with fertilizer?

To make, mix one-half to one cup of castings with 1 gallon of water. Let it soak for 24 hours, and then use to fertilize vegetable plants, hanging baskets, containers or flowerbeds.

How long do worm castings last?

Worm castings can last up to 6 months – and sometimes longer – depending on the method of storage. Keeping them out of UV light (e.g. the sun and some grow lights) and at a stable temperature helps them last longer.

What are worm castings used for in lawn care?

Topdressing your lawn with worm castings is a simple process that can add valuable nutrients and microorganisms to the turf and soil. The worm castings offer a slow-release of moisture and minerals that will not burn the lawn. This video outlines the process in under 3 minutes:

Are worm casts bad for your lawn?

On most lawns worm casts can be tolerated and brushed off when dry; a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of soil aeration and nutrient recycling. On some fine lawns, such as that which is low cut for sport, worm casts can be considered undesirable by some gardeners.

What are worm casts made of?

What are worm casts? Worm casts are small heaps of muddy soil ejected from the digestive tract of some species of earthworm, mainly Aporrectodea and Lumbricus species . These earthworms live in permanent vertical burrows drawing leaves and other plant debris down, a behaviour known as anecic.

How much worm castings should I use?

Small amounts of worm castings have been shown to have a significant benefit but a minimum recommend amount is 15% soil weight/volume to 20% soil weight/volume where diminishing returns start. For a more specific usage please see below: Lawn Enhancement: Spread 1 lb for every 50 square feet.