Who owns the Broken Hill mine?

Perilya owns and operates the iconic Broken Hill South zinc, lead and silver mine in New South Wales, the Potosi zinc and lead mine 5km’s North of the City of Broken Hill, the Maimón Copper, Gold and Silver mine in the Dominican Republic.

Are mines still operating in Broken Hill?

BHP left Broken Hill in the 1940s, but still maintains active mining in Australia, particularly in the Hamersley iron ore province in Western Australia. The deepest point of the Broken Hill ore body descends over 1.5 km underground.

What is still mined at Broken Hill?

The Broken Hill mine is one of the largest lead mines in Australia, located in western New South Wales. The mine has ore reserves amounting to 20.9 million tonnes of ore grading 7.4% lead, 9.4% zinc and 61.5 million oz of silver.

What is special about Broken Hill?

Broken Hill is Australia’s oldest mining town, with a colonial history dating back to the 1880s. Poised dramatically above the landscape, the Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial celebrates the life and work of more than 800 miners who lost their lives here. This striking memorial provides a commanding view of the town.

What gems are found in Broken Hill?

Gem-quality rhodonite ([Mn,Fe,Ca]SiO3) is known from the primary silver-lead-zinc sulfide orebodies centered at Broken Hill, arguably the most famous mining town in Australia (figure 3) and one of the richest sources of gem rhodonite crystals in the world. Location.

Can you fossick in Broken Hill?

Outside Broken Hill lies a multitude of amazing experiences just waiting for you. Fossick for opals, learn about indigenous and European history and take in some truly stunning National parks on this journey east. Begin your journey to the historic and operational opal mining community of White Cliffs.

What is the population in Broken Hill?

Broken Hill

Broken Hill New South Wales
Population 17,734 (2018)
Established 1883
Postcode(s) 2880
Elevation 315 m (1,033 ft)

What was discovered at Broken Hill in 1885?

Broken Hill is where it began for BHP in 1885, when it began mining the massive ore body containing the world’s richest source of silver, lead and zinc. The ‘Syndicate of Seven’ – the men from Mt Gipps Station – put the city on the map when they discovered ore on an isolated ‘broken hill’ in 1883.

Does Broken Hill have opals?

Why Is Broken Hill called that?

Silver ore was later discovered on this broken hill in 1883 by boundary rider Charles Rasp. The broken hill that gave its name to Broken Hill actually consisted of a number of hills that appeared to have a break in them. This broken hill no longer exists, having been mined away.