Is Senpai in Mission Mode?

This mode was inspired by the escalation missions in the Hitman (2016) video game. Senpai and Kocho Shuyona do not appear in this mode.

Where is the key in Mission Mode?

During Mission Mode, there is a safe to the left side wall, and the safe key is located behind the left tree.

Who is Nemesis Yandere Simulator?

Hanako Yamada
Nemesis (a.k.a Hanako Yamada) is the main antagonist of the Mission Mode in Yandere Simulator. She is a student who is exclusive to Mission Mode and the Horror Prototype Easter Egg. She presents a “lethal enemy” to Ayano.

Where is info Chan in Yandere simulator?

the Info Club room
There are Easter Eggs and in-game customization options that can give Ayano Info-chan’s glasses and hairstyle. The player can see Info-chan in person by peeking through the curtain of the Info Club room, which is located on the third floor. She wears the default female school uniform, regardless of customization.

How do you get a fake ID in Yandere simulator?

Each store will have a different clerk that matches the theme of each shop. Items marked as 20+ require a fake ID, which can be purchased from Info-chan’s Favors menu, or from The Yakuza in 1980s Mode. Prices and items may change in the future. The fake ID card can also be stolen from the Faculty Room.

Who is the 3rd rival in Yandere Simulator?

Kizana Sunobu
Kizana Sunobu, the president of the Drama Club, is the third rival in the full game. She is one of the popular girls in school that thinks she is superior to others and like royalty.

What is Mission Mode?

Mission mode causes the vehicle to execute a predefined autonomous mission (flight plan) that has been uploaded to the flight controller. The mission is typically created and uploaded with a Ground Control Station (GCS) application like QGroundControl

How many missions are there in Mission Mode?

Afterwards, mission cards can be found located throughout the Adventure Fields of the game, where touching them would initiate the mission. There are sixty missions in total for Mission Mode.

How do you pause a mission in mission flight mode?

, navigate to Land Mode Settings and check the box labeled Disarm after. Enter the time to wait after landing before disarming the vehicle. Missions can be paused by activating HOLD mode . The mission will then continue from the current mission command when you reactivate the MISSION flight mode.