What is a good sentence for elegance?

1. John has never been known for his sartorial elegance. 2. The room had the elegance of a bygone era.

How do you use elegant in a sentence?

How to use Elegant in a sentence

  1. And then he stepped forward, looking elegant in a dark tuxedo.
  2. He looked so elegant — so sophisticated.
  3. He looked elegant in a light gray suit that accentuated his dark tan.
  4. He was so elegant in a suit and so masculine in western attire.

Do your own thing Emerson?

As Emerson explains: “Always, always, always, always, always do what you are afraid to do. Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

What is the true meaning of elegance?

Definition of elegance 1a : refined grace or dignified propriety : urbanity. b : tasteful richness of design or ornamentation the sumptuous elegance of the furnishings. c : dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style : polish the essay is marked by lucidity, wit, and elegance.

Is elegance a quality?

Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. The bride was elegance personified. Elegance is the quality of being pleasingly simple and neat.

How would you describe an elegant person?

gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style: an elegant young gentleman; an elegant prosodist. graceful in form or movement: an elegant wave of the hand. appropriate to refined taste: a man devoted to elegant pursuits. excellent; fine; superior: an absolutely elegant wine.

What is the main idea of Emerson’s Self-Reliance?

“Self-Reliance” is an 1841 essay written by American transcendentalist philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. It contains the most thorough statement of one of Emerson’s recurrent themes: the need for each individual to avoid conformity and false consistency, and follow his own instincts and ideas.

How do you describe an elegant person?

If you describe a person or thing as elegant, you mean that they are pleasing and graceful in appearance or style. Patricia looked beautiful and elegant as always.

How do you represent elegance?

Elegance can be represented through any means, and it doesn’t have to be associated with femininity or softness. The design can be big and bold or full of glitter — to me, creating something “elegant” is about carving out a beautiful space for the design to live in and allowing it to feel effortlessly elevated.

What is elegant design?

Elegant design is accessible design, providing users who have varying disabilities with equal access to the power of technology. As many as one in five users has a disability, and accessible design benefits the other four also.

What is elegance theory?

An elegant mathematical proof, an elegant theory, or an elegant experiment is one that is economical and imaginative, and sometimes breathtakingly simple once explained.

What is a good word for elegant?


  • classy,
  • courtly,
  • fine,
  • graceful,
  • handsome,
  • majestic,
  • refined,
  • stately,

How do you describe an elegant woman?

An elegant woman looks people in the eye when they’re speaking to her. She doesn’t rush and acts as though every conversation she has… is the most important one of her day. You have her full attention when you’re speaking to her. She is perceived to be highly intelligent.