How does JCL sort work?

JCL – DFSORT Overview. DFSORT is a program you use to sort, merge, and copy information. When you sort records, you arrange them in a particular sequence, choosing an order more useful to you than the original one. When you merge records, you combine the contents of two or more previously sorted data sets into one.

How do you write JCL?


  1. Allocate a data set to contain your JCL. Use ISPF (or equivalent function) to allocate a data set named userid .
  2. Edit the JCL data set and add the necessary JCL.
  3. Submit the JCL to the system as a job.
  4. View and understand the output from the job.
  5. Make changes to your JCL.
  6. View and understand your final output.

How do I sort a row in a DataFrame?

Sort columns of a Dataframe based on a single row To sort columns of this dataframe based on a single row pass the row index labels in by argument and axis=1 i.e. So, all the columns in dataframe are sorted based on a single row with index label ‘b’.

What is ZD in JCL?

In most of the scenarios, your input file has data either in Packed decimal (COMP-3) format which is not in readable format. To change this to readable format, you need to convert these numbers into ZONED Decimal (ZD) format.

What is the use of JCL sort?

JCL SORT – Include Numeric Data If the value in the field (1,3,FS) is equal (EQ) to numerics (NUM), those records will be included in output dataset. 68. JCL SORT – Include Uppercase characters Data (A-Z) INCLUDE statement includes records which have uppercase character (A-Z) in postions 5 to 15. 69.

What is a sort statement?

This statement describes the control fields in the input records on which the program sorts. A SORT statement can also be used to specify a copy records. If multiple positions of sorting specified, the order of priority is from left to right.

What are the different types of sorting orders?

The sorting orders can be either Ascending or descending. Format of the field like CH, PD, BI, ZD etc,. Example 1: SORT a record in input file by one field.

What is the difference between sort and sort keys?

Thus the commands SORT and SORT KEYS are the same. We cannot sort a keyed file on a field other than the key field. The default parameter for SORT is KEYS for a keyed file. Thus the commands SORT and SORT KEYS are the same.