How does Starkey TV Streamer work?

Starkey TV Streamer The TV Streamer is a tiny, deck-of-card sized box that hooks up easily to your TV. Once attached, simply set it next to the TV, pair your hearing aids*, and it streams audio from the TV directly to compatible hearing aids wirelessly.

What does Streaming to a hearing aid mean?

Instead of struggling to hear when you’re listening to music or watching a video on your iPhone, iPad or compatible Android device, you can stream clear audio directly to your hearing aids and enjoy high-quality sound, free from unwanted noise and at the perfect volume.

What does stream to right hearing device mean?

For example, if you’re watching TV and a phone call comes in, your smart hearing aids will automatically transition to stream the phone call, and return to the TV audio when the call ends. Since the audio is streamed from your smartphone, they can also be used to control the volume for TV and music.

How do I connect my Starkey TV streamer?

2 Ensure the TV Streamer is powered on. 3 Power off, then power on your hearing aids to place in pairing mode. 4 Place your hearing aids within 6 inches of the TV Streamer. 5 Press the pairing button on the TV Streamer to place in pairing mode.

Is one hearing aid enough?

Whether you decide to wear one hearing aid or two will depend on the extent of your hearing loss and personal preference. Many people operate perfectly well with just one hearing aid, but two is often recommended. For one thing, two hearing aids gives you better localization.

Does using Bluetooth drain hearing aid battery?

Advanced Hearing Aid Functions Can Deplete Batteries But remember, you will have to change the battery sooner if you are streaming music from your phone all day. Bluetooth, multichannel, tinnitus relief, noise canceling — all of these additional features can drain your battery.

What is Livio AI?

Livio AI Overview. Livio AI is unlike any other hearing aid. Using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI enhances your listening experiences, proactively manages your health and provides access to information to simplify your life.