What is the building in Hangover 2?

Riverview Rooftop Bar in Bangkok – Sky Bar | Home to the Hangover 2.

What hotel was the hangover in Bangkok?

Lebua At State Tower –
Lebua At State Tower – Hotel In Bangkok From The Hangover Movie. The State Tower is Southeast Asia’s largest building with 68 floors and standing 247m tall and crowned by a golden dome. Within these walls is the Lebua, Bangkok’s premier five-star boutique hotel.

What is the rooftop bar in the hangover?

Sky Bar Bangkok
Well-known to begin with, Sky Bar Bangkok got even more famous thanks to the movie ‘The Hangover II’, with scenes from the movie beeing shot here.

When was Lebua built?

lebua at State Tower
Opening 2006
Management lebua Hotels & Resorts
Height 244.30 m
Technical details

Where did they film hangover in Thailand?

The film opens in Krabi with the beautiful white beaches and limestone cliffs. This is in Southern Thailand. Most of the movie was shot at the exclusive resort Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

What strip club was the hangover filmed in?

That place happens to be a strip club which is on Soi Cowboy (50 mins). They stand at the entrance to “Siam Sam’s” which in reality is Cactus Bar (below) although the interior shots were filmed elsewhere. Sirocco restaurant on the 64th floor of Lebua State Lounge is seen on 62 minutes and again on 76 mins.

What does Lebua mean?

Lebua is a Thai-French name. Le meaning ‘the’ and Bua, Thai for the Lotus. In Buddhist philosophy, the Lotus has extreme significance. Depictions at temples often show Lotus stems reaching out into the sky from murky pools where fish and turtles swim.

How many floors is Lebua Tower?

It is also home to two five-star hotels, lebua at State Tower and Tower Club at lebua. Sirocco, an open-air restaurant with a panoramic view of Bangkok, is located on the 63rd floor….

State Tower
Floor count 68
Floor area 300,000 m2 (3,200,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Rangsan Architecture

What is Bangkok’s actual name?

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
The Thai name for Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, is actually a short form of the capital’s full name, which is rooted in Pali and Sanskrit and is more of a phrase to describe the city than a name: Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet …

Where is the Augustus Tower in Caesars Palace?

The Augustus Tower, which opened in 2005 with 949 rooms, is located at the southern end of Caesars Palace, near the hotel lobby. Guests who stay in the Augustus Tower have easy access to the Garden of Gods Pool. The Augustus Tower is also located near the Laurel Lounge (formerly the Diamond Lounge).

Where is The Hangover 3 set?

The Hangover Part III takes place in Los Angeles, Tijuana, the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas, though it begins and ends in Los Angeles. The Tijuana scenes were shot in Nogales, Arizona on the U.S.-Mexico border. Something happens in the first film that has a loose end, which is tied off in The Hangover Part III.