What is available through the Wellness Center USF?

Located next to the Recreation & Wellness Center on USF Genshaft Drive, the new facility will deliver general medical, urgent care and specialty services, including sexual health and gynecology, physical therapy, dermatology, immunizations, psychiatry and behavioral health, nutrition and travel medicine.

Where do you go if you need help prioritizing wellness at USF?

Contact the USF Health and Wellness Center for support (if you are a current student). Call the USF Counseling Center’s 24-hour emergency line: 813-974-2831.. If you are not a current student, give us a call anyway.

Which service is not available through the Wellness Center USF?

The following services are NOT provided by the Wellness Center and will require referrals to community resources: Medical detox for substance dependence. Documentation for emotional support animals. Drug testing.

Where is the USF Student health Services?

The Student Health clinic is located east of the Marshall Student Center and USF Bookstore, just north of the Student Services building.

How many different living styles are offered at USF?

four styles
There are four styles of housing at USF to fit your lifestyle and budget.

What percentage of college students struggle with mental health?

Mental health issues are increasingly prevalent among college students: Almost half of college students had a psychiatric disorder in the past year. 73% of students experience some sort of mental health crisis during college.

How safe is USF?

USF Tampa On-Campus Crime Stats In 2019, University of South Florida – Main Campus reported 136 incidents related to crime and safety that involved students on campus. That works out to 3.07 incidents per 1,000 students, considering that the student body population is 44,246.

Is USF student health services free?

Services Offered Counseling services are provided free of charge to currently enrolled USF students. These services may be provided in person or via telehealth, as well as in an individual or group format depending on need and/or preference.

How do I upload my immunization records to USF?

Former & Returning Students Simply log in to your OASIS account, select Personal Information, and then select View Immunization Record to print your immunizations. *Please note: Your OASIS account only lists the vaccinations required for USF.

Does UCF have a clinic?

The Health Center is located on the Main Campus, and satellite clinics are located at the Rosen, Health Sciences, and Downtown campuses. Our services are designed with students’ needs in mind.

Does USF have swimming pool?

overview. We strive to provide our users with a safe and engaging environment at our Indoor multipurpose pool and FIT leisure pool. Our facilities are supervised by American Red Cross Lifeguards, who are continually trained to meet the highest standard as a professional rescuer.

What is the newest dorm at USF?

Opened in August 2018, Horizon Hall is a coed building located just east of USF Palm Drive in The Village, our newest residential community. Both first-year students and upperclassmen live in this hall, which houses 498 students in a mix of traditional style and suite style rooms.

What is the most common mental illness among college students?

The survey also found that: Anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students (41.6 percent), followed by depression (36.4 percent) and relationship problems (35.8 percent). On average, 24.5 percent of clients were taking psychotropic medications.

Which is better University of Florida or University of South Florida?

USF beat both schools in a survey of students asking them how they felt about their school’s environment. USF scored a 7.6 out of 10 compared to UF’s 6.4 and FSU’s 5.7. Students at USF rated the school “the right choice” by nearly 80 percent — about four points behind UF and FSU.