Can air plants grow on pebbles?

Because they need no soil, these textural beauties are great for easy-care terrariums dressed up with aquarium gravel, shells, or pebbles. You can also mount air plants on cork bark or driftwood. Or create a modern look by hanging plants in clear glass globes.

How do you take care of a fairy plant?

Caring for your Fairy Garden Always water gently, but thoroughly using a small container with a spout. If your garden is inside a good watering once a week is enough. If it is outside then it may need water every day. Fertilize at least once a month with an all purpose fertilizer 17-5-17 at ½ strength.

Where should I keep my fairy garden?

For an outdoor fairy garden a sheltered area is recommended e.g. on your veranda, patio or under some sort of roof which will help to protect your accessories from the harsh elements. The best location will also depend on the plants you choose and their growing requirements (sun/shade & water).

How to make a fairy garden with artificial plants?

You’ll need the following basic items to start creating a fairy garden with artificial plants: You can get creative with this. Old plant pots, clay cooking pots and even tin recyclables will do the trick. Since we are making a fairy garden with artificial plants, the container can be without drainage.

What are the best indoor plants for fairy gardens?

The plant spreads out from the “mother hen” with little baby plants, making it a good ground cover option that’s also suitable for containers. Hen and Chicks prefer sun and is an easy succulent for first-time growers, making it one of the best plants for fairy gardens. 3. Foxtail Ferns Another great indoor-outdoor plant is the Foxtail Fern.

What is fairy gardening and why should you try it?

One fun aspect of fairy gardening is attracting “live” visitors to your garden too. We all know fairies love butterflies, bees, birds, and unusual insects. Bring the pollinators to your yard by adding butterfly and bird-friendly plants to your fairy garden.

How many plants do you need for a fairy garden?

If you set up your fairy garden in a pot or container, you’ll want to add enough plants to fill the pot (and allow for growth) but not so many plants that your fairies are hidden or over-grown. Start with three plants in the pot and then fill in and build out from there. You can always tuck in another small plant or two down the road.