What flavor is barf soda?

Barf! Soda (“Great chunky flavor!”) tasted like a mild peach, and was actually good. Dirt Soda (“Shoveled & Bottled in the USA”) was like a very strong bitter tea.

Does Avery’s soda have caffeine?

As with all of Avery’s flavors, the Gross Soda line is made with real cane sugar, the finest ingredients and no caffeine.

What is Barf soda made of?

Despite the unusual flavour, this is a real, quality soda made with pure cane sugar for a naturally sweet taste! Comes in a 12fl.

What flavor is Stalinade?

Re: Leninade vs Stalinade Leninade is the winner, good solid pink lemonade. Stalinade tastes like watered down strawberry soda.

How much does Avery’s soda cost?

12 bottles of our famous soda for only $15 plus shipping.

What does grass soda taste like?

If you enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, you will enjoy drinking this soda. It’s a little syrupy and sweet, but there is no mistaking the taste.

What does butter soda taste like?

For me it tasted like movie theater butter pumped into a can of club soda with a lot of sugar. It didn’t taste like natural butter. There was no real creaminess, but there was a hint of salt. So, I’d say it’s more like a sweetened vegetable oil soda.

What flavor is Leninade?

The name is a portmanteau of “Lenin” and “lemonade”, with the packaging having a Soviet theming….Leninade.

Type Soda
Color Red
Flavor Lemonade
Website leninade.realsoda.com

Who owns Avery’s soda?

About 10 years ago, owner Rob Metz decided the plant tours for birthday parties and scouting troops should be more than just watching the process and getting a soda to drink. He gave the kids six flavors to play with and let them mix them in the sugar water to make a custom soda.

Where is Avery soda made?

New England
Avery’s is one of the oldest soda bottling companies in New England and our soda is still made in the same red barn on Corbin Avenue.

What does BAWLS soda taste like?

Original was the first BAWLS flavor released upon the world in 1996. In fact, we still use the same formula today. People say Original tastes like a cross between a lemon & lime soda and a cream soda. The real answer – it tastes like Guarana.

Who owns BAWLS soda?

Today it’s manufactured by Solvi Acquisition and continues to operate, but it’s minimally popular compared to, say, G Fuel, which boasts over a million Twitter followers while Bawls has about nine thousand. And you can really only find the bottles online—if you know where to look.

What is Butter Soda?

Butter is delicious on everything, so skip all that spreading and start sipping it instead with this cool new yet possibly bizarre tasting Butter Soda. Yep, a fizzy soda pop now exists that’s flavored like a stick of butter (minus all the fat and actual butter) and then sweetened with real cane sugar.

What flavor is Green River soda?

lime-green citrus soda
Green River is a lime-green citrus soda that has been a Midwestern icon for over 100 years! Green River was invented in Davenport, Iowa, rocketed to fame in Chicago, and now it is brewed in Wisconsin by Sprecher Brewing Company.

What flavor is dirt soda?

You’d expect the name “dirt soda” is a joke and it’d be chocolate or root beer flavored, but nope! It’s like potting soil and mushrooms combined.

Is Leninade Russian?

Leninade (Russian: Ленинад) is a soda based on lemonade made by Real Soda In Real Bottles, Ltd….Leninade.

Type Soda
Country of origin United States
Color Red
Flavor Lemonade
Website leninade.realsoda.com