Were Shahid and Kareena in relationship during Jab We Met?

Once both Kareena and Shahid were invited to Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan, they talked about their relationship in that episode. Unfortunately, during the filming of Jab We Met, which was one of the best movies made in Bollywood, they broke up. It shocked their fans and media.

Is Jab We Met a true story?

Primarily based in Mumbai, Bhatinda, and Shimla, Jab We Met tells the story of a feisty Punjabi girl, Geet Dhillon, who is sent off track when she bumps into a depressed Mumbai businessman, Aditya Kashyap, on an overnight train to Delhi….

Jab We Met
Box office ₹ 50.9 crore

How can I be like Geet in Jab We Met?

We thought of compiling 8 signs that would make you assure of being Geet from Jab We Met.

  1. You Love Yourself.
  2. You’re blunt and you know it.
  3. You’ve mastered the art of enjoying small things in life.
  4. You’re dramatic, on steroids.
  5. You can talk with anyone.
  6. Practicality over anything else.
  7. Taking risk is your forte.

Is Jab We Met copied?

Although the makers have time and again denied any similarities between the two films, director Imtiaz Ali was reportedly happy that Hollywood is taking inspiration from his film and did not apparently raised concerns over copyright and plagiarism.

Why was Aditya depressed in Jab We Met?

Depressed after the passing of his father (Dharamraj) and a ditching by his gorgeous girlfriend, Mumbai-based businessman Aditya Kashyap takes a BEST bus, goes to the Chatrapati Shivaji Train Terminus, and boards a train. There he meets Geet Kaur Dhillon, who is returning home to Bhatinda, and who pays for his ticket.

What is the message of Jab We Met?

Never Kill The Inner Child In You One of the best lessons Jab We Met gave us was that one should never kill the inner child in them, just like Geet. Geet was a bubbly character who enjoyed every moment of her life.

What did Kareena say about Ram Leela?

In 2013 interview to Deccan Chronicle, she spoke about walking out of Ram Leela in favour of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. “I confess that I’m mad. There have been times when I’ve signed a film and then felt it was wrong. Yes, I was supposed to do Ram-Leela but I changed my mind.

When Shahid and Kareena break up?

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were in a relationship with each other for 4 years. She broke up in 2007 after Jab We Met was released.

Are Shahid and Kareena friends?

After years past-by Kareena and Shahid never became friends. However, they never talked ill about each-other as well. Talking about the same, in Karan Johar’s show, Shahid had said, “It’s very weird. We have hardly ever met and it has mostly been at social events.

Why did Kareena refused Ram-Leela?

There have been times when I’ve signed a film and then felt it was wrong. Yes, I was supposed to do Ram-Leela but I changed my mind. I decided to do Gori… instead.” She continued, “With me, it’s all about the mood.

Why Kareena rejected Ram-Leela?

Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram-Leela: Possibly the biggest mistake of Kareena’s career was er decision to opt out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo-Juliet. The actress credits her mood swings as the reason for not doing the film.

Why did Kareena refused Ram Leela?