How do you beat matriarch on Killing Floor?

Hitzones. Matriarch is a real tank – most of her body parts are extremely resistant to damage. The only weak spots she has are her head and the left lower arm (claw).

Where can I shoot a matriarch?

It starts with the boss already frozen, so run to the back and shoot him before he thaws. From that point on, getting hits won’t be so easy. You’ll need to shoot the Matriarch to charge it up, then shoot the ice directly in its path to smash it, sending the Matriarch into the icy water below.

When was the matriarch added to kf2?

Yuletide Horror update
The Matriarch is a boss in Killing Floor 2. She is the mutated form of Rachel Clamely, the daughter of Kevin Clamely, and was added in the Yuletide Horror update.

What is a matriarch?

Definition of matriarch : a woman who rules or dominates a family, group, or state specifically : a mother who is head and ruler of her family and descendants Our grandmother was the family’s matriarch.

How do you escape the matriarch in Hypixel?

The player can escape the ⏣ Belly of the Beast by punching the towers of Pigs hanging from the top of the area. If the player dies to The Matriarch, there will be a 10 minute cooldown before they can be eaten again.

Can you avoid killing Matriarch Benezia?

Fortunately, Benezia is on her own for the final phase, so avoid her biotic attacks and lay your own at her to bring her down. Even though she can briefly be her former self, she knows she can’t escape Saren’s mind control as long as she’s still alive.

Who is the matriarch in Killing Floor 2?

Formerly known as Rachel Clamely, a Patriarch ‘s daughter, the Matriarch is one of the five bosses faced at the end of a standard Killing Floor 2 survival game. Completely legless, oversized and heavily mutated she is embedded into a mech powersuit bearing wide variety of weapons for her disposal on a board.

How much damage does the matriarch take?

Base amount of the damage is 270, multiplied by x2 if Matriarch is sprinting and also multiplied by Matriarch’s difficulty settings. All ZEDs take full damage, Scrake – only 10% of it, Quarter Pound – 25%, Fleshpound – 0%.

Is matriarch’s head and left claw protected by armor?

Her head and left claw (cannon) are also protected by armor which is the second to take damage (once shield is disabled or destroyed). Armor does have weaknesses and / or resistances. Matriarch’s head and left claw are her vulnerable spots, initially both of these zones are protected by armor.

What is matriarch’s armor’s damage resistance?

Damage Resistance (part 1): Damage Resistance (part 2): Her armor shares the same resistance traits as her body. Matriarch’s special zone is a small moving sonar-like device (“box”) over her head that she uses for Lightning Storm and Warning Siren attacks.