Where do you fish for sturgeon on the Snake River?

Snake River Buhl area. Just below Kanaka Rapids is a popular spot to catch sturgeon. The river is deep at the base of the rapid and you can easily land sturgeon from the shore. Snake River Jerome/Twin Falls area.

Where is the best fishing on the Snake River in Idaho?

The South Fork is widely regarded as one of the finest trout fishing rivers in the country. It’s home to native Yellowstone cutthroat trout, which are noted as very willing to take a dry fly. The river also houses rainbow trout and brown trout.

Can you catch sturgeon in the Snake River?

The Snake River offers an outstanding fishery for small mouth bass, trout and sturgeon in one of the most impressive destinations in the northwest. You can expect to catch 100’s of bass and multiple sturgeon in a day during prime months.

What’s the biggest sturgeon caught on the Snake River?

Now, add sturgeon in Idaho to the list. This 117 inch monster caught in The Snake River in Hell’s Canyon broke the old record of 113.5 inches. 4 men combined on the effort. Kirk Fairchild, Seamus Fairchild, Lawaine Fairchild and Homer Brown.

What fish can I catch on the Snake River?

The river below the dam is home to healthy populations of smallmouth bass, channel catfish, carp, crappie, and the occasional rainbow trout. Bass are the usual targets and are easily fooled with most streamer-type patterns such as woolly buggers and zonkers.

What is the largest sturgeon ever caught in the Snake River?

117 inch
This 117 inch monster caught in The Snake River in Hell’s Canyon broke the old record of 113.5 inches. 4 men combined on the effort. Kirk Fairchild, Seamus Fairchild, Lawaine Fairchild and Homer Brown. White Strugeon can be found anywhere along the Western parts of North America.

What is the biggest fish in the Snake River?

The Hell’s Canyon area of Idaho’s Snake River is a wild and wonderful place. It’s one of the few places where anglers can catch a giant white sturgeon that weighs 100 pounds or more. The stretch of river nearer Lewiston, Idaho, typically has much bigger sturgeon, but those are also uncommon.

What is the best time to catch sturgeon?

What months are the best for sturgeon fishing? Usually in the spring is best, but the fishing is even better when it is close to when they are about to start spawning right around July and August. It also depends on the weather and water temperature.

What’s the best bait for sturgeon?

A combination of a nightcrawler and a baitfish is excellent. Additional baits that can work for sturgeon include lamprey, shrimp and crawfish and several cut-baits with local fish species such as suckers.

Where can I fish on the Snake River in Idaho?

The Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir, which is a southern tributary of the Snake, is one of the only places in Idaho you can catch walleye. Farther west along the Snake River Plain, Lake Lowell is one of the best places in the region to catch largemouth bass.

Where can I find the biggest sturgeon?

Owner & operator of Sturgeon Slayers, Kevin Estrada, and guests landed and tagged the Largest Sturgeon Ever Recorded on Rod and Reel on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada.

Are there Sturgeon in the Snake River?

Smaller numbers of sturgeon are also found in the Snake River below American Falls and C.J. Strike dams. Angling for these giant fish has become very popular. As the number of anglers increases, so does the importance for each of us to minimize our impact to both the fish and to their environment.

Where can I go fishing on the Snake River in Idaho?

Covering over 100 miles of wild and scenic river through class 4 & 5 rapids over 8000 feet below magnificent mountain peaks Sturgeon Fishing on the Snake River in Hells Canyon may very well be the most beautifully wild destination you can go to and catch a giant fish like a Hells Canyon Sturgeon.

Where do river snails live in Idaho?

They reside in the Snake, lower Salmon, and Kootenai Rivers of Idaho. They are creatures of large rivers and are uniquely adapted for life on the bottom. Torpedo-shaped bodies help them swim effortlessly in brisk river currents, and their small eyes are adapted for the dark, deep pools where they live.

When is the best time to fly fish the Snake River?

March is also our kickoff for trophy trout on the Snake River near American Falls, as well as American Falls Reservoir. March is one of the best times to spend a day in one of our drift boats fly fishing for the huge trout that call the Snake River home. This is an amazing opportunity to try and break the 10 pound mark on some huge fish.