What happened in the last episode of The Shield?

November 25, 2008The Shield / Final episode date

Where does Vic go at the end of the shield?

After screening “The Shield” series finale for reporters, it was FX president John Landgraf who gave the best summary of the meaning behind Vic Mackey’s fate. “He managed to preserve his own freedom and his life by sacrificing everything else in his life that was important,” Landgraf said.

What was the shield based on?

The Shield and the Strike Team were inspired by the Rampart Division Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) unit within the Los Angeles Police Department. Rampart was seriously considered as the series’ name and was even used in some early promotional ads for the series.

What happens to Shane at the end of The Shield?

As soon as they enter, Shane kills himself with a revolver. The police also find Mara and Jackson lying dead on the bed. There is a note next to Shane’s body.

Is Dutch a serial killer on The Shield?

‘” The season 3 installment “Strays” found Dutch catching a cold-blooded serial killer (played by future Avengers star Clark Gregg). Part of their chat during interrogation later spurs Dutch’s shocking treatment of a stray cat he encounters.

Does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have a happy ending?

Fitz and Simmons get the sweetest ending of all, retiring to take care of their young daughter. And in a callback, Coulson gets to say his goodbye aboard flying car L.O.L.A. Fans were ecstatic that the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” characters got such happy endings.

Who is the father of Danny’s baby in the shield?

Season Five It is strongly implied that Vic is the father of Danny’s child.

Why did Dutch strangle the cat?

Dutch’s dark side became most notable during season three in a controversial sequence where Dutch killed a stray cat, partly because its caterwauling was constantly keeping him awake, but also to see how it felt to kill another living thing.

What happened to Kavanaugh on The Shield?

Kavanaugh is immediately stripped of his badge and imprisoned for his many crimes. He later pleads guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. Taking a break from his mission to wreak bloody revenge on Lem’s killer, Vic pays Kavanaugh a visit in prison.