Which Celebritys birthday is on April 13?

Top celebrity birthdays on April 13, 2022

  • Actor Paul Sorvino turns 83.
  • Actor Ron Perlman turns 72.
  • Singer Peabo Bryson turns 71.
  • Bandleader/rock musician Max Weinberg turns 71.
  • Actor Ricky Schroder turns 52.
  • Actress Allison Williams turns 34.
  • Actress Hannah Marks turns 29.

Why is 13th birthday special?

Milestone birthdays are a great chance to introduce traditions and rituals to your family, and turning 13 is definitely a milestone! 13 marks the beginning of the teenage years, and that big transition toward adulthood, and your relationship with your child is going to change.

What are some good ideas for a 13th birthday?

11 Fun Birthday Ideas For Your 13-Year-Old, No Matter What They’re Into

  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Hotel night.
  • Manicure or spa party.
  • Host a waffle party.
  • Head to a baseball game.
  • Movie night.
  • Camp out in the backyard.
  • Amusement park.

What famous people have their birthday in April?

April Celebrity Birthdays

  • April 1. Asa Butterfield. David Oyelowo.
  • April 2. Michael Fassbender. Clark Gregg.
  • April 3. Cobie Smulders. Eddie Murphy.
  • April 4. Robert Downey Jr. Hugo Weaving.
  • April 5. Hayley Atwell. Lily James.
  • April 6. Paul Rudd. Billy Dee Williams.
  • April 7. Russell Crowe. Jackie Chan.
  • April 8. Patricia Arquette. Taylor Kitsch.

What is April 13th famous for?

1943 – The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C., on the 200th anniversary of President Thomas Jefferson’s birth. 1944 – Relations between New Zealand and the Soviet Union are established. 1945 – World War II: German troops kill more than 1,000 political and military prisoners in Gardelegen, Germany.

What happened April 13th?

This Day in History: April 13 Accused of selling military secrets to Germany and convicted in an irregular trial against a backdrop of anti-Semitism, French officer Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned this day in 1895 on Devils Island, off French Guiana.

What do you say to a girl turning 13?

Happy 13th Birthday Wishes

  • Welcome to the first of your seven teenage years!
  • Happy birthday to the youngest teenager in my life!
  • Lucky thirteen looks good on you!
  • Today is the first day of your life as a teenager.
  • No longer a tween, how exciting that you’re turning 13!