Who is the girl in Arrow Season 2?

Caity Lotz
Sara Lance was originally portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in the pilot episode, and has since been continually portrayed by Caity Lotz.

Who is the main villain in Season 2 of Arrow?

Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) Oliver’s former island ally turned into a major villain in season 2 after being injected with super soldier serum Mirakuru and blaming Oliver for the death of Shado.

What episode does deathstroke appear in Arrow?

The Arrowverse version of Slade Wilson first appeared in season 1, episode 13, titled “Betrayal,” as a character who Oliver (Stephen Amell) encountered on Lian Yu. The two were forced to work together for a while, with Deathstroke taking it upon himself to teach Oliver how to fight.

Is Sara Lance a clone?

Sara Lance (December 25, 1987 – October 8, 2014; November 2015 – 2021; resurrected in a clone body 2021) is the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, the younger sister of the late Laurel Lance, and the leader of the Legends following the departure of the team’s founder, Rip Hunter.

Who saves Thea from Slade?

Malcolm Merlyn
Just as she was about to board the train, one of Slade’s soldiers attacked the station. Thea attempted to flee but was saved by her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn.

Who is the strongest member of Team Arrow?

Arrow: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Oliver Queen. Oliver has proved time and time again that he has what it takes to defeat any enemy that comes his way.
  2. 2 Ragman. A guy in robes doesn’t exactly scream powerful.
  3. 3 Malcolm Merlyn.
  4. 4 Prometheus.
  5. 5 Damien Darhk.
  6. 6 Nyssa Al Ghul.
  7. 7 Ra’s Al Ghul.
  8. 8 Slade Wilson.

Who is the best fighter in Arrow?

The Arrowverse has many great characters but only some excel at hand-to-hand combat.

  1. 1 Green Arrow.
  2. 2 Malcolm Merlyn.
  3. 3 Slade Wilson.
  4. 4 Superman.
  5. 5 Martian Manhunter.
  6. 6 John Diggle/Curtis Holt/Rene Ramirez.
  7. 7 The Atom.
  8. 8 Mick Rory.

Who is the Arrow biggest enemy?

Merlyn/Dark Archer
Merlyn/Dark Archer A young Oliver Queen idolized the archery skill of Merlyn (Arthur King/Malcolm Merlyn) which helped inspire him to the bow. Years later, Merlyn became a mercenary for the League of Assassins and became the archenemy of Green Arrow.