What are the achievements of Elpidio Quirino?

In 1934 Quirino became secretary of finance. He was also one of the drafters of the constitution approved on May 15, 1935. When the Philippine Commonwealth was inaugurated on Nov. 15, 1935, he held the position of secretary of finance (1935-1936) and then became secretary of interior (1936-1938).

What was the main challenge faced by Roxas administration?

President Manuel Roxas, in his first State of the Nation Address, detailed the challenges the country was facing in the aftermath of war: A government “without financial means to support even its basic functions,” scarcity in commodities especially of food, hyperinflation, the “tragic destruction” of a productive …

What are the greatest achievements of Ramon Magsaysay?

Ramon Magsaysay (1907-1957) was the seventh Philippine president. Credited with restoring peace, law, and order during the Philippine crisis of the 1950s and the Hukbalahap rebellion, he was the first Philippine president from the landless lower middle class, the petit bourgeois stratum of society.

What were the major achievements of the Roxas presidency?

Manuel Roxas (1892-1948) was the last president of the Commonwealth and the first president of the Republic of the Philippines. His administration demonstrated decisively that political sovereignty without economic independence encourages reaction, perpetuation of social injustices, and exploitation.

What was the contribution of Ramon Magsaysay in the land reform program?

President Ramón Magsaysay enacted the following laws as part of his Agrarian Reform Program: Republic Act No. 1160 of 1954 – Abolished the LASEDECO and established the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration (NARRA) to resettle dissidents and landless farmers.

What are the greatest achievement of Manuel Roxas in the Philippines?

Elpidio Quirino (1890-1956) was the second president of the Philippine Republic. During his administration, the Philippines passed through a period of revolutionary turmoil marked by widespread corruption, demoralization, economic crisis, and political terrorism.

What are the two main objectives of Quirino?

Upon expecting the office of presidency, Quirino presented his plan for a better government. His agenda was fixated on two main objectives; (1) Maintenance of the people’s faith in the efficiency and sincerity of the government (2) Unity among Filipinos through the establishment of peace and order.

What did Quirino do to alleviate the lot of common mass?

Enhancing President Manuel Roxas ‘ policy of social justice to alleviate the lot of the common mass, President Quirino, almost immediately after assuming office, started a series of steps calculated to effectively ameliorate the economic condition of the people.

What is the history of Quirino in the Philippines?

There are a number of memorials dedicated to Quirino. The province of Quirino, established in 1966, was named in his memory. Quirino Avenue in Manila is named for him, as is the LRT station located there. The Novaliches-Ipo Road where his retirement home is situated was renamed as Quirino Highway.