How can I take Prometric exam in Saudi Arabia?

Documents Required for How to Apply Saudi prometric exam Registration

  1. Passport Size Photo ( White Back Ground)
  2. Passport Front and Back Page.
  3. S.L.C ( Secondary School Certificate)
  4. Plus Two ( Higher Secondary)
  5. Degree / Diploma Certificate.
  6. Registration Certificate (License)
  7. Last 2 Years Experience Certificate for DHA.

Is Prometric easy to pass?

As we know that Prometric examination is not easy. To qualify this, you have to prepare well before this exam by using the best study materials & also it is better to take the help of the best Healthcare consultants in the Middle East to clear this.

How can I pass Prometric exam?

The best way to pass the Prometric exam for Nurses is to follow these important tips before one takes part in the Prometric examination.

  1. Take the Exam Seriously.
  2. Sharpen Your Test-Taking Abilities.
  3. Practice Questions as Much as Possible.
  4. Get Thoroughly with Fundamental Nursing Concepts.
  5. Mark Those Unsure Answers.

How much is the cost of Prometric exam in Saudi?

Recent reports state that registrants in Saudi Arabia must pay an Examination Fee of $80.00.

What is Prometric exam?

Prometric is a leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions to many of the world’s most recognized licensing and certification organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies.

How many questions are there in MOH exam?

150 MCQs
For Ministry of Health (MOH) and Department of Health (DOH) (Previously, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)) exams, the actual examination time is 3 hours with 150 MCQs.

How much is Prometric for Saudi?

Is Saudi Prometric and Qatar Prometric the same?

NOPE. prometric exam in saudi is only applicable if you are working in saudi but if your work is in qatar, then you have to take the prometric exam for qatar.

Can I use my Saudi Prometric in Qatar?