Is there an extension for form 5500?

Use Form 5558 to apply for a one-time extension of time to file the Form 5500 series, Form 8955-SSA, or Form 5330. most recent version of this Form 5558 should always be used. For example, this Form 5558 (Rev. September 2018) should be used instead of the August 2012 version or any other prior version.

Can you file taxes 3 years late?

How late can you file? The IRS prefers that you file all back tax returns for years you have not yet filed. That said, the IRS usually only requires you to file the last six years of tax returns to be considered in good standing. Even so, the IRS can go back more than six years in certain instances.

Who can prepare a 5500 form?

You have two options for preparing/submitting a Form 5500, 5500-SF, or 5500-EZ: • EFAST2-approved third-party software • IFILE. See Question 8 for the differences between EFAST2-approved third-party software and IFILE. The . EFAST2 and IFILE Quick Start Guides . provide an overview of how to prepare/submit your Form 5500 filing.

Who is required to file a Form 5500?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) reporting and disclosure requirements, requires administrators and plan sponsors of pension and welfare plans to file an annual return, Form 5500, with the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) which contains information about a plan’s financial conditions, investments and operations.

Who needs to file a Form 5500?

Who Needs to File Form 5500? Form 5500 must be filed by the administrators of an EBP. In general, the company’s operations, HR, or finance department, or a combination of these departments, prepare a company’s Form 5500. In some cases, the company’s Form 5500 may be filed by a third-party administrator.

What is Form 5500 and who must file?

The employer maintaining the plan or the plan administrator of a Pension or Welfare benefit plan covered by ERISA. File Form 5500 to report information on the qualification of the plan, its financial condition, investments and the operations of the plan.