What is the famous festival in Romblon?

Talabukon Festival is a religious celebration in the municipality of Looc, Romblon province, Philippines, held during the 3rd week of April.

What month is binirayan festival celebrated?

the dates were set on the third weekend of April. In 2011, the date was again changed to December, and ever since, it is being celebrated every December.

Why is binirayan festival celebrated?

The festival is celebrated in Antique Province as a way to commemorate the arrival of the ten Bornean Datus in Hamtic town way back in the mid-19th century Borneo region. The fascinating thing about Binirayan is that contrary to popular belief, this event is held to honor the Malay roots of locals in Antique.

How is binirayan festival celebrated?

Regardless of when it was celebrated, the festival always starts with the fluvial parade and re-enactment of the landing of the 10 Bornean datus. Highlights of the festival include the Lin-ay Kang Antique Pageant Night and the Malay-Ati Competition.

What is bahaghari festival?

The yearly Bahaghari Festival is a colorful commemoration of the importance of the rainbow in the history of the town of Pinamalayan. The celebration includes a street dancing competition, cultural presentations, religious and cultural activities, and products and trade fair.

What is Arawatan festival?

Each year, the people of Occidental Mindoro, the students, professional, businessmen, government officials, and even the ordinary rural folk and indigenous peoples participate in activities organized by various sectors, to commemorate the provinces’ foundation day.

What is the purpose of Manggahan festival?

Manggahan Festival in Guimaras is rich in culture. This is celebrated in a long month to show their gratitude and blessings they have for their land. Guimaras is an independent province declared in the 22nd of May 1992 and through the years the success of this province were attained because of the unity of the people.

What is Tiringbanay festival in antique?

The annual celebration of Tiringbanay Festival is on April 30 – May 1 in remembrance of its patron saint, St. Joseph the Worker. Tiringbanay Festival depicts the culture, beliefs and unity of the people in San Jose. It also showcase the primary livelihood of San Josenhons which is farming and fishing.

What is Basudani festival?

Basudani festival is a thanksgiving celebration for the bountiful harvest in the Municipality of Bansud. The main event of the celebration is a street dance participated in by the different sectors of the community from school children to senior citizens.

Where do we find the bahaghari festival?

The yearly Bahaghari Festival is a beautiful recognition of the significance of the rainbow in the historical backdrop of the town of Pinamalayan.

What are the 3 local Filipino values in Arawatan festival?

Arawatan, as a festival, embodies unity, communal spirit and cooperation, a happy occasion when people converge and attend activities to attain success and gain positive results.

What is Occidental Mindoro festival?

The Dugoy Festival is an annual festival in the municipality of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. It is celebrated during the town fiesta and through street parades and street dancing which feature the Mangyan culture. It is becoming popular in recent years and is now in its seventh year.

What is the history of Manggahan Festival?

It all dates back to 1993 when then-governor Emily Lopez was looking for an event to mark the first birthday of Guimaras’ designation as an independent province. The independence day, May 22, coincides with the peak season for mangoes, Guimaras’ most famous crop. Today, Manggahan festivities last around two weeks.

When did Manggahan Festival start?

In 1992, Guimaras was formally recognized as its own province. Locals incepted the first Manggahan Festival in 1993, in honor of their provincial founding. Festivities took place for one week in May.

What is Urukay festival?

URUKAY FESTIVAL Anini-y, Antique | November 18- November 19. It is inspired by a local custom whereby a wedding feast is observed no matter how poor or humble the bride and groom are in this celebration, there is much fun and good natured teasing.

What is Maninihon festival?

Celebrated on March 3-7. It focuses on the beautiful ladies of Culasi competing for the title “Diwata ng Madia-as”. It also represents the highest mountain of Panay, Mt. Madia-as. Maninihon Festival – Tibiao.

Is Basudani festival religious?

Why is bahaghari festival celebrated?

What is the importance of a festival dance?

Q: What is festival dance? A: Festival dances are cultural dances performed to the beats of instruments, usually percussion, by a community sharing the same culture. These are usually done in honor of a Patron Saint or in the thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest.

What does Arawatan mean?

“ARAWATAN” is a native term among the Mangyan that connotes “unity”, “cooperation” and “helping each other”.

Did you see Biniray Festival in Romblon?

Kara Santos ROMBLON — The normally quiet and serene port town of Romblon was festive as townsfolk and tourists filled the streets to take part the annual Biniray Festival. Celebrated on the second week of January, the Biniray Festival pays homage to Señor Santo Niño de Romblon.

What is Binirayan Festival?

The Binirayan festival is an event celebrated in the province of Antique in the Philippines. “Binirayan” literally means “where they sailed to.” The festival was conceived by Governor Evelio Javier, and first celebrated on January 11–13, 1974.

What is the story of Binirayan?

Binirayan is Antique’s annualfestival. Literally means, “where they landed”, recalls the story of the ten Bornean datus led by Datu Puti and Datu Sumakwel who fled from the oppressive rule of Sultan Makatunaw and their subsequent settlement in Panay in the early 15 th century.

What to do in Romblomanon Festival?

Various fun-filled activities are lined up to showcase the rich culture and Christian faith of Romblomanons. The festival features a fluvial parade with the image of Sto. Nino on the lead boat donned in vibrant and colorful buntings.