What is difference between inflict and affect?

Both afflict and inflict cause pain, but afflict means to cause suffering or unhappiness, something a disease does, but inflict means to force pain or suffering, like if you smack someone upside the head. The difference between the two is whether the emphasis is on the one suffering or the one causing the suffering.

What do you mean by inflicting?

Definition of inflict transitive verb. 1a : to give by or as if by striking inflict a painful sting inflict damage. b : to cause (something unpleasant) to be endured … inflict my annual message upon the church itself if it might derive benefit thereby.—

What is the difference between inflicted and afflicted?

Afflict, which takes the preposition with, means to impose grievous physical or mental suffering on. Inflict, which takes the preposition on, means to mete out or impose (something on someone). These verbs are easily confused because they’re similar in sound and meaning, but there are clear differences between them.

How do you use the word inflict?

How to use Inflict in a sentence. She wanted to inflict pain. They cannot destroy the strong, but they can inflict significant damage. Their ability to inflict carnage will rise in the future.

What does being afflicted mean?

grievously affected or troubled
: grievously affected or troubled (as by a disease) : mentally or physically impaired … a pet spaniel, so thin as to appear afflicted …— Osbert Sitwell Paul fell sick and must keep his bed; drink was the root of his malady, in my poor thought; but he was tended, and indeed carried himself, like an afflicted saint.

What is an antonym for inflict?

Antonyms. borrow deny withdraw take starve breastfeed bottlefeed. give order prescribe bring down intercommunicate.

Where did the word inflict originate?

inflict (v.) 1560s, “assail, trouble;” 1590s, “lay or impose as something that must be suffered,” from Latin inflictus, past participle of infligere “to strike or dash against; inflict,” from in- “in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + fligere (past participle flictus) “to dash, strike” (see afflict).

What is the opposite of inflict?

Which preposition is used for inflict?

preposition on
Inflict is a transitive verb; it is always used with an object, and it takes the preposition on.

What is an antonym for inflicted?

What is an afflicted person?

Afflicted means “impaired” or “stricken” and usually refers to a person who is mentally or physically unfit, or has been grievously affected by disease.

What is self affliction?

Self-affliction is a tactic that people who suffer from depression tend to act upon in hopes that it will relieve some internal pain and frustrations. This act is not meant to cause death, but can essentially lead to death one day.

What does the Bible say on suffering?

Suffering is a product of the fall, a consequence of human sin against God (Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:21). Suffering is in our lives because we are living in a broken world. Some suffering is due to our sinful and wrong choices, but some is due simply to the world being fallen.

What is the synonym of inflicting?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for inflict. entail, force, impose, thrust.

What is another name for inflict?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inflict, like: inflict pain, mete-out, exact, force upon, impose, lay-on, do to, deal-out, deliver, strike and give out.

What is an example of inflicted?

They inflicted terrible pains on her to obtain a confession. To inflict is defined as to cause or force upon. An example of inflict is someone causing another person to be in pain. To cause (something injurious or harmful), as to a person, group, or area.

What is the dictionary definition of inflicting?

Define inflicting. inflicting synonyms, inflicting pronunciation, inflicting translation, English dictionary definition of inflicting. tr.v. in·flict·ed , in·flict·ing , in·flicts 1. To cause , as to a person, group, or area: claws that inflicted a deep wound; an attack that inflicted heavy…

What is the object of inflict or afflict?

Here’s a rule to remember: 1 The object of inflict is the form of pain or distress, such as an injury. 2 The object of afflict is the person or thing that is suffering. More

How do you use afflict in a sentence?

The word afflict is a verb that means “to distress with mental or bodily pain, or to trouble greatly or grievously,” and it’s generally used with an object, especially in plural forms or with collective nouns. For instance, The disease afflicted already vulnerable populations.

What is the meaning of inflict burden?

to impose as something that must be borne or suffered: to inflict punishment. to impose (anything unwelcome): The regime inflicted burdensome taxes on the people.